October 2014

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Apparently eating healthy is too expensive.

I would tend to disagree but what I will say is that junk food such as sweets and biscuits should not be cheaper than fruit and vegetables.

Confusion in this debate arises as we can all agree the pricing situation is messed up but it doesn’t necessary mean it is not affordable. Yes the good stuff should be cheaper than the bad stuff but you can still eat healthy and stick to a budget.

I think that people just run with a perception that healthy eating is too pricey rather than checking it out for themselves.

In a perfect world it would be cheaper but it is still affordable.

Due to having to make weight for my upcoming fights and just generally trying to set a good example to you lot my shop is always a healthy one.
I manage to get this all done at Tesco without a problem and at a fair price.

Let’s have a look at fruit and vegetables first.

Roughly speaking you can purchase; bananas, apple, strawberries, mango, spinach, kale, peppers, onions, asparagus and sweet potato. You should be able to get most of this from between £1 and £2. Meaning you can pick up a substantial amount of fruit and veg for between £10 and £15 which is not bad when you think about it.

You can make up various different nutritious meals with the above.

Meat can be more of a problem as it is a bit pricey. Even at that, most supermarkets do deals such as 3 for £10 so again depending on budget you could pick up some chicken, turkey, steaks and salmon for between £10 and £15. Not totally unreasonable.

What I will say is if you want organic meat and want to know it is top quality and the animals have been treated in a fairly humane you will need to pay more. You may have to sacrifice the above depending on budget.

If you are on the ball and have access to something like a Costco card. You could buy your fish and meat in bulk at a cheaper price. Meaning you can just individually bag it in the freezer in portion sizes.

Eggs are fairly priced and a great source of protein. You can have them scrambled, as an omelette or even poached. A must in your shopping trolley.

Even things like coconut oil can be picked up cheap. My last tub of coconut oil cost me £1.50 three months ago and Code school website design is the brainchild of the mad scientists at Envy Labs. I still have half of it left. It is all about keeping your eye out for bargains. Sometimes they have coconut water for £2 as well which online casino nederland is a great addition to your fridge as a source of hydration.

Snack wise you can purchase large packets of nuts and dried fruits pretty cheap so you have something you can nibble on if you’re hungry. There are always deals on greek yoghurt as well, which is a great snack.
You can also buy products like naked bars and similar brands but these will be more expensive but can prove to me more flavoursome and tasty.

With changing times most supermarkets now have a decent size free from section. All the products in this section will cost more but you can pick up more specialist items here. Gluten free bread, agave syrup, quinoa, bulgur wheat and other such items.

If you are a bit of playa and throwing around those benjamins is of no object to you, I’d recommend you go to Wholefoods in Giffnock.
In this store all of your products are of the highest quality and due to it specialising in health products you should be able to find anything you need here. Health freaks will implode upon walking in here!

However, you will leave with a substantially lighter wallet and probably with your trousers round your ankles.

Love Wholefoods!

My last money saving tip, plastic bags now cost 5p a bag so get yourself a bag for life meaning you can help save the environment and multiple 5ps every shop. Bloody government!

Hopefully this will prompt you to investigate this topic further.

Crabs in a Pot


So this topic has been on my mind for a while…
An incident that happened to me last week finally prompted me to articulate my thoughts on this on a more formal level.


What is this?

It is particularly prevalent in Britain – the theory where you have crabs in a pot. If one crab tries to escape, all the other crabs work as a team to make sure the escapee crab does not succeed.

This has real life application when society or smaller groups of “crabs” try to drag and bring anybody down who tries to be different or be successful. It’s caused by nothing more than a sign of jealously which results in trying to shoot people down for going out and trying to make a better life for themselves.

Last week I had haters trying to snipe and bring me down.

Yes, even I get haters!

Why? Because I put myself out there, I try to be different and do so with confidence. People feel threatened by others showing confidence as it highlights their own insecurities.

BUT enough about me. How does this apply to online casino’s you?

I have had many clients tell me stories which follow a similar theme.

Upon changing their lifestyle to a more healthy one, work colleagues and friends can start to make some snide comments. These in most cases are only subtle but they are an attempt to belittle the recipient and make them feel weird for trying to live a healthier life!

“Why you going to the gym? You will end up full of big muscles. Muscly girls don’t look good”

“Why you eating that rabbit food? It looks disgusting and horrible who would want to eat that?”

Sound familiar?

This is in an effort to drag you back into the pot with them.

They lack the motivation and work ethic to work towards goals like the ones you have in your sights. They can’t even comprehend the effort it takes to be where you are going.

So for these reasons…

When/If you hear and recognise this happening, I want you to acknowledge this as a sign that you are on the right path.

It proves you are actually making such recognisable changes that it is causing jealousy in other people.

It will mean, my friends, that you have dared to be different and HEALTHY!

Do not let others distract you from your goals. At the end of the day, IT’S YOUR LIFE, who gives a damn what these crabs have to say?

And guess what?

While you are out smashing it and living a positive life, these people will be too busy bitching and moaning about your gains/goals to be doing anything with their own.

I hate to finish with a football reference but I think this one fits well…

After you have scored the winning goal, don’t run, shout and rub it in the opposition. Simply pick up the ball and run back to the halfway line smiling!

Haters will hate. Ignore them and be better than them!

What Should You Really Be Eating?


Today I shall discuss…

“The Macros”, more formally known as the macro nutrients… I like to refer to them as the big 3!

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Let’s take a look at the recommended percentage of these 3 that you should be consuming per day.

Now I wasn’t the best at maths in school, and when it comes to macros, you could speak to 5 different people and get 5 sets of different numbers.

HOWEVER, judging by my own results, coupled with great results over a large number of clients… The proof is in the pudding!

30-40% – PROTEIN
30-40% – FATS
20% – CARBS

Let me guess which one has jumped out the page and shocked you slightly…


By this, I don’t mean go out and stock up on McDonalds. We still want to stay away from saturated fats. However, our intake of unsaturated fats should rise sharply.

WHY? They are rich in omega 3s and can help to lower the blood pressure and fight inflammation.

More importantly they provide the body with a great source of energy. This shall replace the lowered intake of carbs.

Good fats you can eat are dark leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, avocado, fish and different cooking oils such as hemp and coconut.


There is a lot of confusion surrounding carbs. In my opinion, we don’t need as large amount of carbs as some people suggest – especially if we can boost energy levels by increasing fats (which is more conducive to weight loss than trying to get this energy through carbs)!

Stay away from white refined carbs such as white bread pasta or sweets; sugary carbs can cause an unhealthy spike in blood sugars and insulin.

The carbs we should be ingesting are things like sweet potato, vegetables, quinoa, beans, whole grain breads and vegetables.

These are full of fibre and absorbed by the body slowly to avoid triggering spikes in blood sugar or insulin.


Protein is essential for the body as it is the building block for every living thing in your body. Protein is vital for your body’s growth and maintenance, crucial for repairing cuts, bruises and injuries and it also promotes healthy metabolic and physiological processes in the body.

Contrary to what some people think, eating lots of protein will not turn you into a big body builder but it will make you a healthier human being.

We need to consume plenty of protein because protein is broken down in the body into amino acids… These amino acids leave the body roughly 7-8 hours after being consumed, and so it is important that you have protein with every meal so as to keep your body functioning at its optimum state.

Examples of proteins are eggs, lean meats, fish or Greek yoghurt.

So I have safely sailed and navigated through some murky waters discussing this topic but I feel the way I breakdown the macros is optimum
for weight loss.


I hope you enjoy and take heed.

Ass to Grass? Squatting Made Simple


Is your squatting technique correct?

For such a seemingly easy movement, there are many intricate details that you MUST do when you are squatting.

I am going to take you through some of the technical, finer details of the squat to try and help improve your action on this important movement.

For the purposes of this e-mail, I will try and make it as applicable as possible to all different types of squatting. Such as back, front, zercher, hack, goblet and even bodyweight squats.

Here goes…

- KEEP YOUR BACK AND CHEST NICE AND STRAIGHT (I try and imagine squeezing an object between my shoulder blades)
-STICK YOUR BUM OUT SLIGHTLY (imagine you are sitting on a seat behind you, as opposed to going down straight)

There you have it!

I tried to keep it simple and to the point. However, if you have any further questions hit me up and I shall do my best to answer them.

The Waterboy Was Right


t’s not often we can learn health lessons from an Adam Sandler film.

However, The Waterboy highlights a serious point. The importance of H2O, also known as water.

I find myself flabbergasted on a near daily basis by the amount of people who have such poor hydration levels and strategies.

Coffee is not acceptable as a sole form of fluid intake. In fact as coffee is a diuretic I count it as negative hydration levels.

Often I hear how it is “sooooo hard” to drink water.

Hard? It is flavourless and to make it even easier all you require is to keep a bottle of water on your person throughout the day and just gradually drink this throughout the day.

If you really don’t like water add some diluting juice to it and you can jazz up the flavour. You also have the option to supplement your water intake with various green and herbal teas. Again, this will give you some variety.


I could really fill every e-mail this week with the benefits of drinking enough water but I shall give a brief synopsis.

Remember your body’s are made up of 70% water. This is a huge percentage. Your brain is protected by water as are your joints lubricated by water. Not to mention your bowel movement is heavily effected by water so as you can see it is crucial for the body to function.

Water helps remove toxins and waste products from our body’s. Just like we use water to shower as a method to clean ourselves drinking water cleans our insides in much the same way.

Especially if you partake in regular exercise you will be losing fluid through sweat so you need to replace this by drinking more water online casino to help restore the balance. Hence why I highly recommend to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after training.

Staying hydrated also boosts your cognitive (brain) function helping you maintain focus and productivity. It also helps transport oxygen to the muscle groups so we are prepared to exercise.

We often mistake dehydration for hunger. Next time you get pangs of hunger try taking a big drink of water and you might find the hunger will pass and in fact you were simply dehydrated. This could result in weight loss which is what many of you are looking for.

Remember if you are dehydrated it’s too late. You need to make sure you’re adequately hydrated at all times. DON’T GET TO THE DEHYDRATION STAGE!

I start everyday by drinking a pint of water. When you wake up you will be dehydrated so it is important to take in fluid straight away to kick start your bodily function and balance your hydration levels. Start the day as you mean to go on.

The new accessory I want you all to invest in is something simple and very cheap.


Make sure to fill it regularly and take it to work and training with you.

This is easy and gimme and can help you reach your goals. Don’t take it for granted.

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E-Mail 5 – When There's a Will, There's a Way


Unless you are buy cialis tabs a superhero like Wolverine, if you partake in regular exercise there is a high chance that at some point in your life, you are going to get injured.

Technically, Wolverine does get injured but he has rapid recovery powers (had to clarify that so I don’t get into trouble off of comic book aficionados).

For the large part, getting injured is out of your control unless you are silly or ragged with technique when doing certain exercises.

It is how you deal with the injury when it occurs that is key.

Let me tell you a story that happened this week to my girlfriend – which is a great example of an effective way to deal with an injury.

My lovely girlfriend recently smashed her hand on someone’s head whilst sparring. Due to the swelling at the minute, it resembles a club hand.

What a cutie eh? You know I am not stepping out of line in that relationship!

She is a motivated and determined individual who trains 5 or 6 times a week at an intense level. So an injury could really hinder her lifestyle.



She came in and trained with me and we tailored a session so she could work round the injury.

Don’t get me wrong she did get some strange looks hitting pads with one glove on.

However, despite having no use of one hand, she still had another 7 limbs to hit pads with and some defensive skills to work on.


Don’t get me wrong there are some serious injuries you can’t train through but even then you could replace training with learning more about nutrition or alternative training methods for when you are back in the game.

Training is a big part down to structure and routine so you don’t want to jeopardise this when you pick up an injury. Find a way to work round the niggle!

I have known keen runners who develop pain in the ankle and knee joints due to the impact of running on the road… But they don’t need to stop training due to the repeated strain on their body, it can be replaced with something like swimming (which has a lot less impact on the body but still a great cardiovascular fat burning workout).

Another example, you like weight training and you injure some part of your upper body do you stop training all together?


You get in the gym and you can hit up a lower body workout.

Where there is a willing body there is always a way.

Excuses are not going to help you reach your fitness/health goals but improvising and adapting to the situation will.

If you’re struggling with an injury and need some inspiration on how to continue your training, please get in touch!

Anyway… That is the first week in the bag, I hope you’ve enjoyed your emails. There will be no e-mails over the weekend as I know people have better things to do than have me hassling them over the weekend.

I shall be back on your cases on Monday!

E-Mail 4 – A Massage Without The Extras

images (2)

Now the title of this e-mail may be a little provocative…

Although I am not about to start talking about seedy massage parlers.

What I am going to talk about is FOAM ROLLERS. Not as dramatic or interesting I know but this will lead you to less post and pre workout muscle soreness in your life.


Simply speaking they are usually a cylinder shaped object made of foam. They can vary in hardness and durability. In my humble opinion, you are better served buying a more expensive one as they will last longer and work on your muscles better (by working your muscles better, I mean it will hurt like hell).


Basically as a form of self massage. The foam roller, with its larger surface area and adaptability, can target more areas of our body than our own hands.

Any time we train at an intense level, soreness will start to build in the muscle groups most used during our workouts. These are just little knots forming in and around the muscle.

The roller allows us to break up these knots and areas where tension has built up in much the same way a deep tissue massage would work.

Unlike a sports massage foam rollers are a one off investment they can travel with you all the time.
With the larger foam rollers targeting the larger muscle groups such as quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, arms and upper back.


If you are finding a tight area harder to pinpoint or casino online it is close to a joint you Basically, XP will become increasingly insecure as time goes on, and users will be more in jeopardy as time passes without updates. can use another common tool used for foam rolling: a hockey or lacrosse ball. You can be more precise as these are considerably smaller.

I would recommend using foam rolling in conjunction with stretching at the start and after a training session – 10 minutes is all that is required.

It is vital you prepare your body for physical activity and foam rolling is a big part of this. Many people only deal with this kind of stuff when they get injured but if you are clever and use these tools as injury prevention, it will lead to less time at the physio.

Now… Foam rolling isn’t the most pleasant when massaging a particularly sore area so you should expect a little discomfort, but if this becomes extreme pain, then I would recommend you stop foam rolling and see your physio.

If you use this advice, your training partners will be hating on your when your DOMs are less than theirs… So as Chamilionaire said “They see me rolling, they hating…”!

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E-Mail 3 – Wastebook


The reason you all receive these e-mails is in a big part down help me with my homework to reading and finding out about a lot of my content on social media.

So it may seem contradictory of me to slander and tell you to limit your time on all forms of communication killing social media.


How much of your day do you spend on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?


I am guilty of this to. I reckon my girlfriend on multiple occasions has been ready to take a hatchet to my ignorant ass who spends so much time on technology.

What more valuable things could we be doing with our time?


How does this relate to health and fitness I bet you are all thinking?

Well let me enlighten you.

Society in this era moves very fast and I appreciate we all have time constraints. One of the biggest reasons (excuses) that I hear people say why they can’t train, “I am too busy”, “I just don’t have the time.”

Now lets start to add up the amount of time (being wasted) you spend on smart phones, laptops and tablets on social media. We can even extend this to playing computer games.

Going by the trends I see in my life that time will be staggeringly high and a shock to most people.

REMEMBER, not everyone can train 5 days a week for 2 hours each time BUT you can free up 30 or 40 minutes 2 or 3 times a week by taking a stand and not losing minutes/hours of precious time glued to social media.

Even if it’s only 10 minutes you are creating, some form of workout can be tailored to fit these needs just to make sure you remain active.

Another one casino online of the many complaints I hear is I have no time to prepare food for the next day or week ahead. This one really grates on me.

Why not invest those twenty minutes after work and before bed that you spend scrolling down the negativity which is your Facebook timeline and prepare meals so you know no matter what you have healthy food to eat.

I can’t EMPAHASISE enough the importance of preparing meals this makes a diet so much easier and harder to stray as you should always have food on you.

Recently I conducted a study were I went without a mobile phone for 2 months (true story is I lost my phone but the study story makes it seem more professional) and the amount of lunches with friends I had to sit through were the chat ground to a standstill and I was suddenly dining with zombies attached to their phone.

I know the last point is not fitness related but it is all about self improvement so I thought it would be apt.

Throughout this e-mail I have been on the verge of a massive tirade on how the governments use social media to control and subdue the masses but that is a tale for another day.

If you lack the self control to follow this advice there are now apps available where you can limit your time on mediums like Facebook and Twitter. Get one of these and set yourself strict limits such as 10 or 15 minutes.

Use your time instead to better yourself whether that may be losing weight, getting stronger or even learning a new language.

So the moral of today’s story GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA AS MUCH! (unless it is mine)

Still make sure you read my e-mails though!

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E-Mail #2 – BreakFAST

What's in your breakfast bowl HERO-6d84161b-271e-4ef2-ac3b-8fabc9cc2860-0-472x310

So as this e-mail reaches your inbox, at approximately 7am, I have only one question today… How many of you by the time you read this e-mail will have eaten breakfast?

I am no mystic Meg or Paul The Octopus but I am predicting that 50% of you skipped breakfast.

Hopefully I am wrong and that percentage is significantly smaller, especially since I advised you to eat breakfast in yesterday’s e-mail.


Let’s start with the obvious and look at the name…

BreakFAST, when you eat in the morning you are breaking your body from a fasting state.

When you don’t eat for a large amount of hours, your body slides into a fasting state which slows down your body’s metabolic rate which will effect your body’s ability to burn calories.

Eating breakfast will kick start your metabolism and help you lose weight!

Those who haven’t eaten breakfast are also more inclined to snack on junk food before lunch or be spotted in Greggs ordering all the sausage rolls and French Fancies that they can fit in a bag.


Simply eat breakfast, avoid this intense hunger which could lead to junk food temptations. All this equals more chance of weight loss.

We all know that feeling of ‘it’s been a busy morning’… Various distractions going on and so we set off on our day without eating.


I can speak for myself when I say I feel sluggish, tired and not a productive member of society – sound familiar?

Eating breakfast will help your brain function and give you the energy to attack the day and TAKE ACTION!

Missing breakfast makes you moody!

Avoid possible moodiness and more importantly make yourself (and me) happy and eat breakfast!

No rolls and sausage or bacon… Get cooking omelettes, make some porridge, indulge in some Greek yoghurt and fruit or you could even be more exotic and get some salmon on the go. Keep it healthy.

As usual if you have any questions with any of the points I have raised or information I have provided just hit me up with an e-mail or on social media and I shall answer your queries.

I fully expect you ALL to be reading Wednesday’s e-mail over the breakfast table whilst eating a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

Don’t make me talk about this again as I have never typed the word breakfast so much in my entire life.

Peace out.

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E-mail #1 – It’s Your Time

download (2)

So common sense would lead you to think that for my first e-mail, to you lovely people, that it would be heart warming and involve massaging your own egos.


This is not going to be one of those e-mails!

I want to rouse you to take action and take control of YOUR health.

Many of you already understand that the world doesn’t owe you a thing.

Not one thing (I have connections with the powers that be who run our universe and they don’t even give me a pass).

To achieve your goals, you must go and TAKE them!

Doesn’t matter what these goals are fitness, business or relationships.

Progress and success is not handed to you on a nice gold platter with bells on.

You need to EARN it by taking ACTION!

Which gives me a segway leading nicely onto the main juicy point of this e-mail.

Simply reading these e-mails over the coming days, weeks, months and years (if you can tolerate my patter for that long) is NOT enough.

Just turning up and being there for your PT session 3 times a week is not going to cut it.

Coasting through your training session at your local gym is a complete waste of time!

I want you to APPLY all the information and knowledge I will provide and give your health 100% commitment and focus.

When you are training you must train as hard as you possibly can pushing yourself to your maximum.

You are the sole person responsible for what you eat. So don’t moan about wanting to lose weight, TAKE ACTION! Eat the correct foods you know you should be eating.

At the end of the day I can only help so much. Family and friends also can’t do it for you.

It is over to you my friends!

We no longer are going to wait for what we think we are entitled to or we deserve.

Through motivation, determination, commitment and hard work we are going to take what we have WORKED for.

It is not going to be easy.

Your are ALL capable of this and I can’t wait to hear stories of you lot going and ACHIEVING your goals no matter what they may be.

Now that was a tad heavy for a Monday morning.


Sometimes I need a reminder of this so I thought it would be a good starting point for everyone.

Tomorrow’s e-mail will be on the topic of the importance of breakfast.

P.S I would advise you eat breakfast on Tuesday morning, don’t be part of the group I will be calling out!

Peace out.

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