November 2014

Fat Burners Or Money Makers?

You will hear this very often BUT I shall bore you with it again.

There are NO shortcuts to success or achieving your goals.


The use of fat burners most definitely come under that umbrella.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see why people see this as a great option to lose weight.

Look at the name, this product tells you it burns fat.

Who doesn’t want that?

Most of these products tend to have very glitzy marketing and advertising campaigns.

They illustrate via images and adverts how you can go from a Gemma Collins looking character (ooooooo I went there) to having a lean, chiselled build with an epic 6 pack.

By simply taking 2 pills a day.

Would companies lie to you in order to sell a product?

You can make up your own mind on that.


Fat burners or thermogenics as they are also referred to increase your body’s metabolism. Burning stored fat as a form of fuel for the body.

Depending on brand this supplement can contain, ephedrine, aspirin and a shitload of caffeine. Usually it will be some cocktail of these three stimulants.
These help to create the release of hormones that speeds up the metabolism.

As a thermogenic it can cause a rise in your body’s temperature which as you exercise will enable you to sweat more due to this.

The large quantity of caffeine housed in this product has also shown that it can supress appetite.

My main problem is the way in which taking this supplement messes with your body’s natural process and manipulates your hormones.

It is never good to play round with your body’s natural operating procedure.

Anything that elevates your heart rate should be given serious consideration before you ingest it into your system.

From personal experience, I felt very jittery and nervy when taking fat burners. This is caused by the stimulation to your central nervous system.

Not enjoyable.

Some particular companies also intimate that you can take their tablets and not have to work to lose weight which is just flat wrong.
To see results from this, you still need to work out.


and fat burners worked so well there would be no obesity problem and we would all be on them athletic and happy.

Alas, it is not that easy.

If you are a bodybuilder looking for that last edge and advantage to rip up that bit more before competition then yes maybe this is an option for you.


If you are a recreational trainer this will not provide you long term results and will not provide sustainable weight loss.
There is no magic pill to weight loss.



A current major trend in the fitness and nutrition industry is that of should you be gluten free or should you cut it out of your diet.

First things first,

The name provides a big clue.

Gluten cialis price is the Latin word for glue.

Simply put it is a mixture of proteins that can mainly be found in grains such as wheat and barley. Gluten helps dough to keep its shape and gives it a chewy texture.

Should you be eating gluten?

My opinion goes back to everything in moderation.

Just like having an occasional beer or limiting how many cakes or chocolates you are eating, Gluten in small doses will not have a big negative impact on your health.

Unless you have a mild form of gluten intolerance or in more serious cases if you have celiacs disease. Which is where your body instead of absorbing the gluten, rejects it. Which causes your immune system to casino react to fight this.

Which can lead to a host of digestive issues and problems in your intestine.

Granted the number of people worldwide who are suffering from gluten intolerances is rising it is still a relatively low percentage of the population.
Unless you fall into this category it isn’t mandatory that you cut out gluten altogether.

One thing I will say is that food without gluten tends to digest a hell of a lot better.

If you eat a meal such as a lean source of meat with vegetables it will digest quickly without any problems. However, if you change that to pizza as you may have felt, this is way harder to digest and your body can still be struggling to process it 8 hours later.

Hence, why I am advocating the moderation of gluten.

The total elimination of gluten from your diet can lead to various deficiencies in things like iron, zinc calcium and some vitamins.

There have been some studies to come out and say that gluten is addictive which is why we crave items like bread so much but there is a lack of research to prove this point.

Generally speaking I feel most of the information out there pertaining to the subject points to that for a large percentage of the population eating gluten will have no adverse effects on health.

With a huge rise in companies selling gluten free products it is now a multi-billion dollar industry. So be aware you are not falling for marketing gimmicks by these huge companies.

Funnily enough some gluten free products actually have a small amount of gluten present but not enough to be harmful.

Well that is my tuppence worth on the subject.
At this stage I think we are at an early stage of studies and research into gluten so my opinion could change in the future.

More Weight On The Bar


So the other week in the gym I was minding my own business training a client in the weights room.

What I was about to witness left me shaking my big head at the nonsense that was unfolding.

Two younger guys were in the gym lifting weights. They are relatively new to the gym and are of normal builds.

Alarm bells start to go crazy for me when I see them load 130kg on the bar.

My mind is not eased when I see them setting up for a VERY low box squat. With not a warm up repetition in sight I thought about intervening.


I don’t really know these lads so maybe this weight is comfortable for them. So I leave them to it.

My initial instincts proved to be correct.

Afore mentioned young laddy manages the down part of the squat just fine. The up part he struggled with shall we say.

He ended up stuck on the box with 130kg on his shoulders. Due to them not using the rack with safety bars panic had set in and he didn’t know what to do.

Thankfully with the help of his friend they managed to return the bar to the ground safely with no injuries. Only thing damaged I think was his ego!

This brings me to the juicy part of this e-mail.

Today’s topic is not that of safety and making sure you have a competent knowledge of the equipment and lifts before you attempt them.

Although that would help massively!

It is instead focusing on many peoples penchant to try online slots and put as much weight on the bar as possible.

There should be no egos in regards to how much weight you are lifting.

This is one of the big issues.

Take it from me, I would say I am pretty strong but my lifting PB’s are nothing exceptional and I would never try and lift more than is my norm just cause other people are in the gym.

Remember you are trying to be your personal best, not anybody else’s.

Physiology speaking you need to allow your muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons and all connective tissue get accustomed to lifting a certain weight before you attempt it.

By this I mean you need to get plenty of sets and reps in at a certain weight to get more comfortable at that, get your body used to it before you try to increase the weight.

Attempting a heavier weight before you are ready increases the risk of injury a hundredfold.

Before even approaching your maximum lifts be sure to warm up by working your way through the weights, so it is not a shock to your body when your first rep has 130kg on the bar. Unless you are Marius Pudinowski and that is your actual warm up.

Consistency in your training will ensure you get these gains naturally and your PBs will increase through time.


Let your lifts come up naturally.

Or you can hire a trainer like me with plenty of knowledge and top banter to make sure you don’t need to worry about this stuff as I do the worrying for you.

If you would like to join my growing army of clients you can contact me for details by replying to this e-mail.
Have a nice day and try not to get stuck under any 130k squats please!

Calorie Restricted Diets, Good or Bad?‏


For the general public when they decide they want to lose weight it is an easy process in their head.

Cut calories down and they will lose weight and body fat.

Are calorie restricted diets beneficial for weight loss?

By restricted, I am talking 1200 calories or below.

Generally I advise my clients not to count calories and instead concentrate on the nutrients they are putting in their bodies.

Being on a low calorie diet straight away forces your body to take energy from other sources due to the calorie deficit you have placed on your body.
This can lead to your body being more likely to burn muscle than fat. As we know as I have stated many times in various different e-mails, the more muscle your body has will make it easier to drop body fat. Resulting in more weight loss.

As you will be eating less possibly putting your body into starvation mode coupled with the two above points will lead to your metabolic rate slowing down drastically.

Again, impacting your ability to lose weight.

For your body to complete vital maintenance it requires a certain amount of calories to run at its optimum state. Depriving your body of vital nutrients can lead to negative health implications.

I will not list these negative health effects as there is a few but all you need to know is they are bad news.

The sustainability of these types of diet is my biggest issue with them.

They are just not practical to maintain over longer periods of time. Simply not enjoyable or easy to adhere to.

I can say this as a matter of fact from personal experience. In the last 1-2 weeks of fight training for me I have to severely cut my calories down so I can make my required weight class.

Brutal! That is the perfect word to describe it.

What it leads to is binge eating after my fights due to the calorie restricted diet being that hard and traumatic. I am not going to lie or try to make myself sound like a model professional but it causes me to eat enough sweets and cakes to bring on the onset of diabetes.

I am putting the fact I transform into a gluttonous pig in a big part down to a mental reaction to such a reduction in my calories.
There is a reason why many studies have proved that people following a calorie restricted diet are more likely to be yo-yo dieters and in most cases will end up putting on more weight than when they started with this prescription.

It is a lifestyle change you are looking to adopt. The easier this is for you to maintain the higher the likelihood you have of reaching your goals.

If anyone would like further advice and consultation on nutrition you can reply to this e-mail or get me on some form of social media.

Dealing With That Hangover


Judging by my social media feeds and the fact it was Halloween at the weekend many of you may have been nursing a hangover at the weekend.

So I deemed this a very appropriate time to share some hangover management tips.

Most of you should not need me to explain to you what a hangover is. However, I am going to tell you anyway.

A hangover is the result of a heavy session on the booze. This can result in sickness, headaches, tiredness and a general feeling of shitness.

This is where you regret all the jaeger bombs!

You may also suffer from…



I can’t help you with the latter but I do have some words of wisdom.

Generally speaking the harshness of a hangover is down to dehydration and a lack of sleep. This makes sense as alcohol makes us go to the toilet more and drinking sessions usually run into the early hours of the morning, meaning we get less sleep.


With dehydration being a major factor in contributing to a hangover, it is key to drink plenty of water. This means before and whilst drinking alcohol. So be sure to be as fully hydrated before you go out and when you’re out be online casino sure to drink pints of water at regular intervals to maintain hydration levels.


This is the first time I have shared this piece of advice with the public and it is a total gem. When returning home from a night on the sauce the best thing you can do is take a couple of sachets of dioralyte or another similar type rehydration salts brands.

What a difference this makes the next morning! Due to the salts restoring natural salts and minerals balance to our bodies. It is a perfect cure and kills the onset of dehydration. I highly recommend this!

Don’t take for granted basic information you may know such as ensuring you are drinking on a full stomach. Eating a substantial meal before drinking alcohol can also help to negate the symptoms of a hangover.

Allow yourself a longer sleep after hitting it hard. Try and clear your schedule the next day so you can sleeper for longer making up for the lost sleep. This can help to make you a feel a huge deal better the next day.

It is very important the way in which you deal with a hangover. If you handle it in a good fashion it will increase the likelihood that you eat healthy the next day and get back to the gym as soon as you can.

When something silly like a hangover could interrupt you achieving your goals why not get on top of the situation and implement some of this advice to your life.

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