January 2015

Habits, They Can Make Or Break You‏


By way of human nature we are creatures of habit.

Structure and routine are our friends and sometimes our downfall.

That is why Christmas and New Year are such a destructive time for our fitness and eating regimes.

Our normal routine gets ripped to shreds, leaving our standard healthy lifestyle by the way side.

You may have noticed for the last couple of days I have focused a great deal on mentality.

Not like Charles Bronson mental but…

MINDSET is a key driver behind the success or failure when in pursuit of your goals.

If the mind is wrong, your body will be wrong.

Yesterday I set you a challenge of establishing a plan to make you better equipped with clear steps to work towards your goals.

In order for this plan to succeed we need to create good habits.

This is an essential component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Taking that into consideration that is why the first 2-4 weeks of any lifestyle change are the most important.

Start your plan in lacklustre fashion you will achieve lacklustre results.

If you let bad habits creep in from an early stage they will stay with you and multiply. Before you know it you are back to square 1 next January.



If you start strong and instil good habits it will be easier for you to maintain as it just becomes your routine.

It would be silly of me not to give you an example of what these could be.

Here are some ideas to promote a better wellbeing,

1. Prepare meals at the start of the week/ night before to avoid work canteen or fast food
2. Wake up half an hour earlier than usual to prepare and eat breakfast
3. Carry a water bottle with you during the day to ensure hydration
4. Go to the gym on way home from work to make sure you don’t go back home and lack the will power to go back out.

And that is to name but a few.

Don’t get me wrong it is far from easy to apply this.


If you have a strong will and can survive the opening month it will be a much easier process for you.

Let good habits become your structure and routine.

This will allow the good stuff to begin to fall into place.

We Don’t Do Resolutions, Just Goals and Plans‏


So the festivities are over for another year, most of you will be returning to work.


2015 has truly begun.


For most it has been a season of excess, far too much food and alcohol consumed.


(Me included.)


However, the onset of a new year signals new beginnings!


A large portion of the population is full of beans and ready to begin working towards their New Year resolutions.




Over 90% of people will fail in achieving these resolutions, most before we even reach February.


Yes, it sounds negative but unfortunately it is true.




You, my loyal subscribers are going to be different.




No matter what your goals maybe, fitness which is relevant to me or even things such as family, relationships and jobs.




There is no point having a goal without having clear action steps to enable you to reach your goals.


I want you to write this plan down and pin it up somewhere in your house so that it’s visible on a daily basis.


For example,


If your goal is to decrease body fat and lose weight, here are some possible action steps.


  1. Aim to exercise between 30-60 mins, 3-4 times per week.
  2. Eat 5 healthy meals a day, focusing on cutting out processed foods.
  3. Drink less alcohol and instead focus on drinking more water.
  4. Only have takeaway or a cheat meal on a Saturday.
  5. Follow some blogs/websites to further your knowledge on fitness and nutrition. COUGH any Kieran Malone propaganda COUGH


Obviously everyone has unique individual goals requiring different steps but you all catch what I am throwing out.


Your goal is unattainable without this plan.


Recently I have been using a separate notebook to write down my goals daily, which I do every morning.


I do this to remind myself of the bigger picture I am working towards at the start of every day.


This gives me a surge of motivation to carry me through the day and keeps me accountable, ensuring I am not straying away from the plan I have laid out.


Another snippet I like to ensure focus and accountability is to publicise your goals. Tell friends and family.




Fuck the haters! You will be more likely to achieve your goals if they are in the public domain as nobody wants to be seen failing. This will give you added motivation and drive.


So before we delve into more complex matters, this is my task to you all.


Write your goals down, come up with the action steps required to achieve, hang these goals somewhere visible and most importantly….




There is no point going in half arse because you will fail.


GO ALL IN and you will reach your destination.


So there it is, not as much patter and comedy as usual but this is serious business and I want you to follow this advice.


I shall sign off on this…




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