March 2015

Drinking From The Coconut


Although there will be no ridiculous tales of Wayne Rooney being knocked out today I will still keep you interested.


Well I will try anyway.


As I always hammer home to you guys, the fitness world is a cyclical series of fads and trends.


One of these which for me are tastier than others is…




Me personally I love the taste of some of these products and actually think it enhances my hydration.


Currently when you go to the correct section in the supermarket there is now a huge increase in brands offering their version of this product.


One drawback of coconut water is it can be slightly expensive. Coming in at £3-4 for a medium sized carton.


This for some people puts them off buying it.


Rather than just buying on heresay let’s investigate into why coconut water is beneficial for you.


Post workout it acts as a great electrolyte replacement for such as potassium and sodium. And many more.


Remember it is not just water you are losing through sweat we also lose some electrolytes and salts in the body.


Most of these coconut water brands are very natural occurring products coming from as close to the coconut as possible.


Beware though some brands are more natural than others. Be sure to read the labels and do some research on the brand you intend to use.


I know we all like calorie low items. Coconut water falls into this bracket containing far less calories than other sports drinks.


Although low in calories it is high on sugar. Despite this being some naturally occurring sugars we must always be aware of staying in control of our sugar content.


Some studies also suggest that it has more health benefits which can lead to better skin and reduced blood pressure. I haven’t done enough research into those claims so I do not know how accurate they are.


From Personal experience I have used this as a rehydration strategy after weight cuts for recent fights. Judging by the way my body has reacted to it, it works well.


So any fighters out there I would urge you to give this a try next time you need to re constitute.


As with many of these fads some of the buzz and advertising has to be taken with a pinch of salt as these companies are trying to push their product.


Not all of them will tell the truth when advertising.


So by no means do I believe this is as clean cut a product as some people suggest but what I will say is I have noticed it has helped in a good way with me and my client’s hydration.


As usual if it works for me and my clients I will recommend it to you on the benefits I have seen directly and not just some research papers I have read.


Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Having drank straight out of a coconut on Copacabana beach I will say it does not simulate this experience but we will have to make do.

What We Can Learn From Wayne Rooney…Don’t Worry I am Talking About Hair Regrowth‏

Wayne Rooney

What was one of the main stories running on most media outlets on Sunday Morning?

Well despite poverty being at an all-time high and there still being a huge crisis in the Middle East the media instead highlighted 2 footballers boxing after a night out.

Premier League players Wayne Rooney and Phil Bardsley decided it would be a great idea to get charged up on booze and get the boxing gloves on after a night out to spar each other.

Of course video footage of this emerged.

The result of these two throwing there handbags at each other resulted in Rooney being rendered unconscious.

I would recommend searching for the video as it is quite spectacular.

Why is this relevant?

I shall tell you.

Combat sports such as boxing, mma and thai boxing should be taken very seriously. Anything that results in such head trauma and can cause injury should be conducted in a safe and controlled environment.

Certainly not in a living room after an alcohol fuelled night out.

If you enjoy such sports seek out a gym where you can receive the appropriate training and learn about the sport.

Don’t underestimate the dangers these sports can lead to if you don’t know what you’re doing.


If you receive the correct coaching you will learn the proper technique and learn a respect for the sport which means you will keep it exclusive to the gym.

Getting knocked out and receiving a concussion is no laughing matter at all.

If you are heavily involved in training you will learn and gain the respect that would educate you why such antics are just plain stupid.

I know I am sounding like a grumpy old man but I am inclined to feel very serious about incidents like this.

If you want to do it, do it in the correct manner!

Research local gyms in the area, find out which ones have respected instructors and do it this way.

As the WWF used to always advertise…


Bloody footballers despite being the highest paid and most well-known athletes constantly show themselves to be poor role models.

Hate to tar them all with the same brush but antics like this are becoming more and more common.

As you are all aware I am involved a lot in combat sports so if you ever want any information on training advice do not hesitate to contact me.

Invest in Yourself and Invest in Your Education

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For most of us human nature dictates we do not want to spend any money on education.


Us Scots we don’t like spending money full stop.


This is a vague so statement, what do I mean?


Well here it is…


The process of going to a seminar, hiring a mentor or receiving any further training to broaden your knowledge on a subject matter relevant to you.


Being a notoriously stingy and tight nation like Scotland we are particularly adverse to such things.


The majority of people preferring to spend their well-earned cash on big nights out and prancing around in the latest Moncler or Vivienne Westwood.


Your money, your prerogative.


You may have seen on my Facebook page that I attended a very lengthy 3 day course at the weekend to continue to enhance my professional development.


This enables me to provide my clients and all of you with a much better and improved service.


I do things like this on a regular basis so I am always learning new things and getting out my comfort zone.


Do you think stuff like this comes free?


Of course not!


To learn from people who have a higher knowledge and experience means on most occasions you need to pay for this service.




If you go to the right person it is worth its weight in gold!


I like this saying “You don’t ask the price of the shovel when your digging for gold.”


Paying for this education is just a shovel in this instance. You need to take the initial hit if you want to achieve the goals you have set out.


I will say this is if you intend to put the information you learn to good use.


The same applies to your fitness and nutrition journey.


Yes, there is a tonne of free information out there for you.




Without the practical experience and first-hand knowledge of health and fitness can you really apply any of this?


Especially considering all of the conflicting information which is readily available.


Whereas if you invest in yourself and purchase help you are far more likely to get where you want to be.


If you go to a good personal trainer (I will write an e-mail on what this person should look like at the end of the week) they will help you in the best and most efficient manner.


Remember trainers like myself have literally had 50-100 clients pass through our system meaning we have a wealth of experience and track record at helping people achieve their goals.


If you are serious about your health don’t make a shoddy attempt at it.










Standing Beside a Radiator Does Not Count as a Warm Up‏


I feel a tad hypocritical thinking about what I am going to discuss today.

Although I have wizened up on this subject recently it is something I neglected for years.

What am I speaking of you ask?


Although I am still young I am going to refer to a time when I was even younger.

Formerly I was able to rock into any training session be that sparring or an intense strength and conditioning session without any sign of a warm up.

In fact I used to lie down and only stood up for the beginning of the session.

My older and knowledgeable teammates always warned me that this was poor decision making. They were right, but I was young and my body could handle it.


Due to the volume and the rigorous nature of the training I undertake a warm up is now essential.

If I don’t prepare myself properly for all training sessions it is impossible for me to get the best out of the training plus many other dangers which I am going to get onto.

This all applies to anyone who exercises.

Before embarking on any form of training session regardless of length, intensity and type you MUST warm up in an appropriate manner.

Your muscles, ligaments and joints need to be prepared in a relevant fashion.

It will also greatly decrease your likelihood of injury which is an obvious huge advantage. It can’t completely eradicate this but warming up will mean you have done everything you can to avoid injury.

If you are playing football there is no point focusing on upper body stretching compared to the legs. Likewise if you are playing tennis it would be beneficial to ensure your racquet arm is ready to be used heavily.

I would incorporate 2 types of stretching;

Static – Focusing on stretches where you are stationary aiming to hold at the furthest range of motion for 20-30 seconds.

Dynamic – Adding in more mobile stretches that should look to include exercise specific movements. This also helps to build the intensity of a warm up.

This will help greatly in relieving muscle tightness and soreness.

Your flexibility and range of motion will also hugely improve doing this which is great for your general well- being and can improve your athletic performance.  Also, lessens your chance of injury.

You can also use foam rollers and things such as lacrosse balls to self-massage. I wrote a big e-mail on this before so I won’t go into it too much but it helps to break up any tension in the muscles.

Usually to finish I will increase the intensity to spike my heart rate and get my heart and lungs ready to be used.

Things like some short sprints, push ups, star jumps and similar exercise are methods I will use.

This is very important as when I fail to do this I end up getting tired in the opening of my session until I get my body becomes accustomed to exercise.

Whereas when I do the more intense finish to the warm up my body is fully ready and able for the start and I have no scientific proof but I feel my cardiovascular capabilities are increased compared to if I didn’t do it.

For me to be recommending this is big news and means it is must follow advice.

A structured training session should be preceded by an equally structured warm up.


Whether You Own a Rolex or a Casio There Will Only be 24 hours in a Day!‏


Some things will never change throughout our lifetimes.


Kanye West will always be a massive tool, we will always pay tax and there is only ever going to be 24 hours in a day.


This is set in stone.


You are solely responsible and in control of how you spend your time.


Obviously some factors shall add time constraints to your day.


This could be; working hours, childcare, travel time, food preparation and I am sure you could think of many more.




That does not make it a legitimate excuse to say you don’t have any time to train and I am going to tell you why!


If I had £1 for every time I have heard that reason as to why people can’t exercise I’d currently be writing this e-mail on a beach in Barbados sipping a pina colada next to Richard Branson.


I am more than happy to accept that many people have very busy schedules and have massive constraints on their time.




You are always going to have some free time if you focus energy into…




Without planning your schedule you are far less likely to make time available to train.


Whereas if you structure a routine at the beginning of the week or night before you place yourself in charge of any free time you have.


Instead of messing around on scudbook for 30 minutes here or there instead you will exercise which is a far more productive and healthier pursuit.


Who really wants to watch things like EastEnders anyway?  C’mon Bobby killing Lucy Beale? Need I say more?


It can be as simple as getting up 1 hour earlier in the morning to free up some time to exercise before work.


Heading straight to the gym from work meaning you won’t end up getting glued to your couch.


It’s like anything in life, the more you plan the more success that will follow.


You know better than anyone what activities you encounter on a weekly and daily basis. Therefore if you put some thought in you will know how to best attack the week from a time management stand point.


You know if the dog needs walked.


You know if you need to do some cleaning.


It is not a surprise, so instead of making excuses take control of your schedule.



Protein – How Often?‏

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As I have stated time and time again many subjects in the field of nutrition are very contentious.




One topic that most professionals agree on is that humans should aim to eat a source of protein with every meal.


Let me just refresh your memories very quickly.


Protein is required to help our body with pretty much every internal function you could think of.


Helping to maintain all cells, tissues, organs and muscles. Without protein our bodies simply could not function.


If you don’t get enough protein your body will suffer.


Now we are going to get technical so I can make myself appear knowledgeable and intelligent.


Our bodies simply cannot absorb protein as a whole.  Digestive enzymes break the protein down into different branch chain amino acids.


When broken down these amino acids are transported into the blood and sent all-round the body to maintain vital functions.


Now here is a key point to understand.


Some amino acids are naturally produced in the body BUT our body cannot synthesise some of these other aminos therefore meaning we need to supply them through our nutrition.




Your body cannot hold certain amino acids in its system. They will be utilised and passed straight out the body meaning again we will need to ingest more protein.


Taking that into consideration plus the fact how crucial protein can be for growth and development we should be eating protein EVERY 4-6 HOURS.


Every meal you eat should have a source of protein as part of it.


The morning in particular is a time where many people need to focus on consuming more protein.


After waking up from a 6-8 hour sleep most people’s last protein intake would have been dinner which could have been as long as 12-14 hours ago! Leaving your body crying out for protein.


Wake up and start your day in the right fashion by eating protein.


Then continue this through the day by constantly topping up your protein reserves to ensure your body runs at its optimum.


I could go slightly more scientific and in depth but it’s not necessary and I would have bored you with jargon.


If you have any more detailed questions you would like me to answer send me reply and I will do my best to set you straight.


I have a simple rule to help you follow this advice.



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