Air Space And Why Your Perception Of Exercise Maybe Skewed‏

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Pretty much every Sunday I travel through to Higher Level MMA in Whitburn to train with some of the best professional MMA fighters in Europe.

It is safe to assume this 2 hour session is devilishly punishing and my toughest training session of the week.

Yesterday I had arranged to go to Air Space in East Kilbride following my training.

For those of you who don’t know Air Space is a massive trampoline paradise which has various different areas for multiple activities.

This turned out to be a horrific idea, as I get hugely competitive and bouncing about playing team dodgeball like a mad man proved to be quite exhausting.

Having to win at everything is a tiring lifestyle.

One member of my team took the whole competitive streak to a new level by shouting die as she was trying to eliminate younger girls with the ball. (This person was my girlfriend)

What this leads me onto is this….

Exercise can come in many different forms!

It doesn’t have to always be the gym, weights, jogging and classes as your training.

Me personally, I am not a fan of running or lifting weights. Although I have to do these when I compete but it is not fun for me.

Hence why I like MMA as the training is constantly varied.  If I get bored of 1 martial art I can train more of the others. Boxing, Thai boxing, wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu leaves me many options.

Basically you want to find an activity you enjoy that counts as exercise and get doing it.

Sitting on your ass playing Xbox or PlayStation doesn’t count. It has to be physically demanding and involve giving your muscles, heart and lungs a workout.

I know some older gentlemen who play squash 2 or 3 times a week. They play at a pretty intense pace and this guarantees them a great form of exercise.

There are many other forms this can come in;

Regular 5 a side football

These are all fun activities that you can get health benefits from participating in.

Exercise doesn’t always have to be in the confines of a gym.

If you enjoy an activity you are far more likely to maintain doing it.

Try out some new sporting hobbies and you never know you may stumble upon a great new way of keeping yourself fit.

Anything that removes oneself from a sedentary lifestyle is a winner in my books even if that is playing trampoline dodgeball.


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