Before The Flying Knees – Romero vs Saitiev


As this is the first ‘Match of the Week’, I was having an internal struggle on what match I wanted to choose as the first one.  However, a certain Cuban picking up a huge win in the UFC last night convinced me to keep it topical for the week.

Thirteen years before Yoel Romero was knocking boys out with hellacious flying knees, he was one of the foremost, premiere wrestlers in the world.  Competing in the 84kg division he was world champion, Olympic champion and multiple time medalist at world level.

Not to mention that this was at a time when the 84kg division was possibly the most competitive weight – an all-star line-up.  Featuring names such as Adam Saitiev, Cael Sanderson and Saji Sajidov.  Romero, in his time, helped multiple wins online casino over Sanderson and Sajidov who were Olympic and world champions respectively.

The match I have to go with is his Olympic final from Sydney against Adam Saitiev.  Saitiev, although under sized for this weight, has to be one of the best technicians the sport has ever seen.  Hence making for an interesting match pitting him against the power and athleticism of Romero.

Hope you enjoy guys!

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