Calorie Restricted Diets, Good or Bad?‏


For the general public when they decide they want to lose weight it is an easy process in their head.

Cut calories down and they will lose weight and body fat.

Are calorie restricted diets beneficial for weight loss?

By restricted, I am talking 1200 calories or below.

Generally I advise my clients not to count calories and instead concentrate on the nutrients they are putting in their bodies.

Being on a low calorie diet straight away forces your body to take energy from other sources due to the calorie deficit you have placed on your body.
This can lead to your body being more likely to burn muscle than fat. As we know as I have stated many times in various different e-mails, the more muscle your body has will make it easier to drop body fat. Resulting in more weight loss.

As you will be eating less possibly putting your body into starvation mode coupled with the two above points will lead to your metabolic rate slowing down drastically.

Again, impacting your ability to lose weight.

For your body to complete vital maintenance it requires a certain amount of calories to run at its optimum state. Depriving your body of vital nutrients can lead to negative health implications.

I will not list these negative health effects as there is a few but all you need to know is they are bad news.

The sustainability of these types of diet is my biggest issue with them.

They are just not practical to maintain over longer periods of time. Simply not enjoyable or easy to adhere to.

I can say this as a matter of fact from personal experience. In the last 1-2 weeks of fight training for me I have to severely cut my calories down so I can make my required weight class.

Brutal! That is the perfect word to describe it.

What it leads to is binge eating after my fights due to the calorie restricted diet being that hard and traumatic. I am not going to lie or try to make myself sound like a model professional but it causes me to eat enough sweets and cakes to bring on the onset of diabetes.

I am putting the fact I transform into a gluttonous pig in a big part down to a mental reaction to such a reduction in my calories.
There is a reason why many studies have proved that people following a calorie restricted diet are more likely to be yo-yo dieters and in most cases will end up putting on more weight than when they started with this prescription.

It is a lifestyle change you are looking to adopt. The easier this is for you to maintain the higher the likelihood you have of reaching your goals.

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