The Anti-Climax That Is Junk Food‏

A revelation dawned on me during my last couple of diets in preparation for fights.

You may be shocked by this but I know you will understand what I am throwing out.

Some of you closet fatties may throw it straight back at me and tell me I am talking nonsense.

When I shred down in the last week not allowed any carbohydrates and basically live on egg whites, I start thinking some mad thoughts.

Some weird ass cravings are had.

I am not a big chip shop guy and very rarely in my life have ever had a chippy but in the last week of my weight cut I would have chopped a limb off for a sausage supper.

Walking through Tesco one day last week I also clocked an Indian selection of buffet food. Things such as onion bhajis and pakora. This left me salivating at the thought of getting to eat this.


So where am I going with all this?

Don’t worry its coming…

Parity is restored in the universe as I make my specified weight then get to beat up another man the next day.

This means I get to eat what I want! PARTY TIME!!!

Or so you would think….

What I have realised is that junk food is the biggest anti-climax in the world.


In a former life I would have like a £80 back of goodies for after my fights containing all sorts of goodies none of which are heathy.

This was diabetes in a bag.

Then I became aware that the food never tasted as good as it did in my vivid imagination.

Some of you will know this feeling.

It gets to your cheat day/meal and you want to hit it hard. You devour that burger and chips plus a chocolaty desert.

Feels amazing and delicious at the time….

Followed by leaving you feeling horrible and in a sugar coma just minutes later.

I want you to remember the reality will never live up to the imagination when it comes to food.

Think of that bloated feeling you get when you are full to the brim after a big meal and remember it before you are about to cheat on your diet.

Trust me it will be anti-climax and you will regret it after you do it.

If it takes you further away from achieving your goals it is never the right option!

Especially when it makes you feel worse.







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Why Listening To People Is Sometimes Against Your Best Interests‏

So fight week is over which means I can make a glorious return.


Especially seeing as I won my fight in dominant fashion.




The reason I didn’t e-mail during fight week is a simple one, the diet becomes that intense during fight week my brain is just fried.


I think that is the technical term for it.


Nobody wants to listen to a malnourished Kieran rambling on.


I bet you sometimes barely want to listen to a fully nourished Kieran.


Thankfully this is only for 4 days as it is very unsustainable and you all know how I feel about that.


Today I want to discuss some skills relating to your mind-set.


I am going to make it relatable by discussing some psychology aspects of the build up to my fight.


My opponent from the weekend and I had a bit of beef going into the match.


Trash talk galore in the weeks leading to the fight.


He was telling me how rubbish I was and that he was going to retire me.


His coach was running his mouth telling me all the bad things that were going to happen to yours truly.


You guessed it, his team mates were also getting in on the act adding to the list of people doubting me.


Even his friends where hounding me on all forms of social media informing me I would be getting a kicking.


They were all taking shite by the way but that’s not the point, well it is kind of.




Guess what?


None of that stuff mattered one iota.


I knew deep down how hard I had been working and the confidence I had in my own abilities.




YOU control what you think and feel, nobody else should have an impact on this.


Many of you may have experienced naysayers out there putting you down saying you will fail to achieve your nutrition and fitness goals.


Their opinion is out of your control so therefore you should forget about it.




If I would have listened to people in the build up to my fight I could have started to think there would be no point in me showing up.


Instead I listened to the most important person which is myself and went out there and put on a dominant performance.


If you can block out negativity from others and believe strongly in your own convictions you will be very powerful in your pursuit of anything.




Air Space And Why Your Perception Of Exercise Maybe Skewed‏

Pretty much every Sunday I travel through to Higher Level MMA in Whitburn to train with some of the best professional MMA fighters in Europe.

It is safe to assume this 2 hour session is devilishly punishing and my toughest training session of the week.

Yesterday I had arranged to go to Air Space in East Kilbride following my training.

For those of you who don’t know Air Space is a massive trampoline paradise which has various different areas for multiple activities.

This turned out to be a horrific idea, as I get hugely competitive and bouncing about playing team dodgeball like a mad man proved to be quite exhausting.

Having to win at everything is a tiring lifestyle.

One member of my team took the whole competitive streak to a new level by shouting die as she was trying to eliminate younger girls with the ball. (This person was my girlfriend)

What this leads me onto is this….

Exercise can come in many different forms!

It doesn’t have to always be the gym, weights, jogging and classes as your training.

Me personally, I am not a fan of running or lifting weights. Although I have to do these when I compete but it is not fun for me.

Hence why I like MMA as the training is constantly varied.  If I get bored of 1 martial art I can train more of the others. Boxing, Thai boxing, wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu leaves me many options.

Basically you want to find an activity you enjoy that counts as exercise and get doing it.

Sitting on your ass playing Xbox or PlayStation doesn’t count. It has to be physically demanding and involve giving your muscles, heart and lungs a workout.

I know some older gentlemen who play squash 2 or 3 times a week. They play at a pretty intense pace and this guarantees them a great form of exercise.

There are many other forms this can come in;

Regular 5 a side football

These are all fun activities that you can get health benefits from participating in.

Exercise doesn’t always have to be in the confines of a gym.

If you enjoy an activity you are far more likely to maintain doing it.

Try out some new sporting hobbies and you never know you may stumble upon a great new way of keeping yourself fit.

Anything that removes oneself from a sedentary lifestyle is a winner in my books even if that is playing trampoline dodgeball.


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More Truth…..You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet‏

Many of you reading this may not know but I compete as a professional mixed martial artist.


Mixed martial arts? What in the hell is this?


Yup, I am a mad cage fighter.


Not the cross dressing type like Alex Reid though.


Contrary to media portrayal and the opinions of the uneducated it is not unskilled Neanderthals smashing each other to bits it is actually a highly technical sport. The athletes who compete in MMA are some of the hardest working sportsman you will ever see.


I go by the nickname of “The Hater” when it comes to the fight game.


This is due to my penchant for trash talk and love for winding up my opponents.


I actually disagree with the aptness of this nickname for yours truly. As it is less hate and more truth I speak.


“The Truth Speaker”


From here on in this is how I should be known.


In these e-mails I try and follow the same format by giving you my loyal subscribers the truth. Even if you don’t like it.


It’s actually better if you don’t like it.


Brace yourself, another truth bomb is coming.




This is a fact.


You can do all the hard training your body can handle. Be that if you are doing two training sessions a day or a 2-3 hour training session at night.




If you go home and have a pizza crunch washed down with 1 litre of coke it negates the benefits gained from the exercise.


Same goes if you are constantly snacking on chocolates and other such goodies during the day, no amount of training can rectify this.


Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Like Ant and Dec, peanut and butter ir the old firm and sectarianism.


Both must be on point to achieve optimum health and the physique you desire.


There is a saying I like and it rings very true.




Not the gym like many people believe.


No amount of consistent core work will be able to fight your saturated fat intake.


I get clients on occasion who are unhappy at why their hard work in the gym is not showing on the scales or in the mirror. These people usually train damm hard so I know it’s not the training.


When I ask them about their diet all becomes clear.


Rolls and sausage, tubs of ice cream, and sharing bars of dairy milk.


Safe to say, 6-8 weeks later with all the junk eliminated results start to show.


Exercise and nutrition are linked, DO NOT FORGET THIS!


I will be back tomorrow to deliver more truth to the masses.


What You Can Control…….Controllables and Uncontrollables‏

The premise of what I will discuss today is such a simple concept but very effective.

When dealing with certain situations on the road to a better wellbeing you will come across two types of variable.


What is this you ask?

Simply put, what is in your power to influence and what you have no control or impact over whatsoever.

The quicker you identify which bracket some aspects of your life fall into the better.

I am a massive control freak so it took me a while to grasp this idea but once I did it changed my outlook on many things and made my life a great deal easier.

There is absolutely no point trying to control the uncontrollables.  It is a massive waste of your energy and time. You would be better hitting your head off a brick wall.

Instead focus on what is within your control and you can influence directly.

For example,

If you sustain an injury leaving you unable to train for a period of time, this is out of your hands.

Your work contracting you to longer hours leaving you less time to prepare your meals and make the gym, again there is nothing you can do about this.

The current level of income you receive leaves you unable to afford the right food or become a member of a gym, unfortunately you cannot control this.

Your attention should move on from instances like this and others as you cannot impact them.

Concentrate on some of these, as you are the boss of what is going on in reference to what I am about to write.

What foods and drinks you put in your body is solely your responsibility.  Nobody forces you to eat cakes and sweets.  Well, unless you are into some weird fetishes that is.

Your diet is down to you!

You are the gaffer when it comes to allocating time to exercise. Doesn’t matter if you can only commit to a 15 minute session or a 3 hour session. You control your schedule.

No equipment or gym memberships are required; there is a host of bodyweight and exercises you only need yourself and the environment for.

Your knowledge on health and fitness is entirely on you as well. There is a host of good, free material available out there on the internet that is easy to digest and applicable to your life.

It is down to how bad YOU want it.

Spend your time controlling the controllables and your life will be easier and more likely to yield the results you yearn for.

This can crossover to all aspects of your life and make you a happier person.

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An Alternative To Running….Plus You Get To Find Out Something I Can’t Do‏

Guess who’s back, back again


Kieran’s back tell a friend.


Yeah, really tell them so they can subscribe to my list.


My laptop has been fixed after my dog used it as a trampoline. So blame him for a lack of e-mails the last couple of days. His natural cuteness makes it hard to stay mad at him.


Enough of this foolishness, let’s get down to some serious business.


I want to discuss alternatives to running for all you steady state cardio lovers.


Now, I am actually a fan of running and fit it in around my other training at least 2 times per week.


When I run something quite problematic occurs.


Two massive tennis ball sized lumps appear on the outside of each leg next to my ankles.


Leaving me in quite some pain.


When I was a member of the Scottish Institute Of Sport, some of the best doctors and physiotherapists in the country tried to diagnose the problem but to no avail. It remains a medical mystery.


Why am I telling you this?


I know many people who have had issues arise from running too much. Whether this is problems with their feet or conditions like shin splints.


This can be very debilitating and make running not an option or meaning less volume of running is needed.


What to replace it with?


I am going to nominate swimming as an appropriate replacement.


However, I must preface telling you the advantages of swimming with this.


I, Kieran Malone cannot swim. Yup, I am a loser.


My excuse, which by the way I am beginning to actually believe, is that I must have denser bones than normal people.  Until this is proved otherwise that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.


The whole kicking my arms and legs in unison thing is something I struggle with.


I digress, back on topic.


Swimming provides a great cardiovascular workout but without the repeated impact on the joints. Moving through the water is considerably smoother for the body rather than the constant pounding of food on road or treadmill.


Remember your body becomes lighter when it is submerged in water.


It is also a full body workout, meaning you have an opportunity to hit every part of the body compared to running being heavily leg dominant.


Moving through water is extremely more difficult to move through than air. The repetition of having to propel your body through water acts as great resistance training and will promote muscle building.


You will find it extremely hard to find a better exercise than swimming to provide you with a healthy heart, lungs and cardiovascular system.


Look at swimmers whenever you see them on television, great athletic specimens. You’re not telling me some of you out there would not like that physique.


If all you take away from today is that there is an alternative to running I am a happy man.


Unfortunately I need to stick to the running as I would drown if I went swimming so you guys need to swim and I will be there in spirit.


Peace out.

Daniel Bell (AUS) action reflections Swimming 2000 Sydney PG

Get In The Kitchen And Maintain A Diet Easier, Isn’t That An Oxymoron?

As I currently write this I am working under some poor conditions, due to my laptop screen being cracked leaving only half of it readable.


This is just one of the pitfalls of having a dog. Since my adorable French bulldog Arnie, took it upon himself to jump on my laptop.


If you are ever thinking about getting a dog I urge you to take incidents like this into consideration.


Now down to some serious business.


Today we are going to talk about cooking!


Due to the outbreak on social media of everyone and there dog posting pictures of what they are eating for meals, it has become abundantly clear to me why many people are failing to sustain a healthy diet.


I like a food picture as much as the next person but if you indulge in this make sure it is a bitching and inventive dish. Which you will definitely get more credit for and it will interest people.


Who wants to see a bland plastic container with tuna and some white rice?


To the same point, do we really need to see some plain chicken with broccoli and Nando’s sauce all over it?


Speaking for myself I don’t want to eat such “vanilla” meals never mind see pictures of them.


This is where the cooking bit rears its head.


How can you maintain any diet if you are not looking forward to the food?


How is it possible to remain motivated if your food doesn’t taste good?


How are you going to sustain having pretty much the same meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner for months on end?


You can’t plain and simple.


Fortunately if you feel this refers to you I have an easy situation to rectify this.


Get in the kitchen and learn some culinary skills.


You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey or Michelle Roux to put together a nice plate of food.


I can hear the cries already as people are reading this of, “I can’t cook”


That is absolute BS! The only skill required to cook at a basic level is being able to read. If you can read cook books and recipes online you are sorted and on your journey to becoming the next masterchef.


For example, I am currently in the last 4 weeks of my fight camp which means my diet needs to be squeaky clean. My meals need to be perfect or I could be in for a horrible weight cut.




This does not mean it has to be hard and a struggle. Or that my food has to be plain and rubbish looking.


Last Friday I had a Cauliflower pizza. What is this you ask? Simply using cauliflower as a base instead of bread, layering on top of that a healthy homemade sauce and ending with some Parma ham and a little mozzarella sprinkled on top. Delightful!


Now does that not sound a healthy and appetising dish?


Take last night for instance, where I had one of my favourites and a staple dish in the Malone household. Sweet potato cottage pie, made using lean turkey mince.


Would you not rather be eating these types of things?


My cooking skills are good compared to the standard male but it does help that my girlfriend is a genius in the kitchen and keeps me right.


That isn’t me being sexist by the way. Don’t think I am implying that all females should be in the kitchen.


I am actually imploring the males to get their oven gloves and sexy aprons on.




This could be the difference in you sustaining a healthy nutrition plan. So get in the kitchen and get learning.


“Too Skinny”, “Too Muscly”, “Train Too Much”, Dealing With These Losers!‏

Many of you may be able to relate to the headline of today’s e-mail.


It is a topic that pisses me off in such a large way.


The fact somebody would say “You’re too skinny”, “You’ve lost too much weight” and “He/she is too muscly” is plain ridiculous to me.


I will add a slight caveat to this. Obviously it is possible for people with eating disorders or celebrities/models trying to look better for their careers to take dieting and training too far and become so lean it is unhealthy.




On a large scale the persons these comments are aimed towards are not being unhealthy.


Do you want to know why these people say these things?


They are lazy and unwilling to make any changes to their life.


Jealousy, plain and simple they are envious of your results.


They could not even comprehend having the work ethic to achieve such great results.


They are too busy sniping at others and concentrating on other people’s lives rather than making the best of their own.


Not nice traits to have.


Alas, this is a large majority of the British public these days. As I have stated before if anybody attempts to stick there ahead above the parapet and achieve success there is always a need by people to shoot them down.




Listen to the voice of experience on this subject. For many years my friends have given me abuse for being a “fitness freak” and missing events and parties due to my training.


Don’t bow to the peer pressure and ignore any labels put on you.


When you hear comments like we spoke of earlier in the e-mail, see this as a sign of progress and that you’re heading in the right direction.


The jealousy displayed is merely a sign of your progress.


So next time some decides to tell you “You’re too skinny” and “You train too much you’re not fun anymore” I want you to reply by saying this;




A brief aside on this matter.


The media help to perpetuate some of these feelings by calling a very healthy human “too thin” just because they are in the public eye and need something to write about.


I don’t read newspapers because they are full of lies and avoid real world issues but when it comes to their reporting on fitness, health and nutrition I would take anything they say with ten trucks worth of salt.


You are much better paying attention to eminent bloggers in the fitness industry who will talk a lot more sense.


Well that was a bit of a ramble. I hope it all made sense in your head.

LondonBridge at8.45in the morning.The key peak timeof the rush hour.Manyof these people workat the banksand finance institutions

The Grand Finale: Mesomorphs‏

It has been an emotional couple of e-mails but we have reached the grand finale of our body type series.

I am just happy I don’t need to constantly be wary of making an endo/ecto typo. That shit gets confusing.

Today it is the turn of the mesomorphs.


A mesomorph is pretty much in the middle of an ectomorph and an endomorph. It is pretty neutral; I liken it to Switzerland of the body types.

Meso’s are a mix of attributes derived from both other body types.

A more symmetrical build can be found in this type, with broad shoulders and a smaller waist.

They tend to carry lower body fat but also are able to build lean muscle mass easier than the other body types.  This can also be attributed in part to their fast metabolism.

There are worse problems to have eh?

The mesomorph figure is pretty much what everyone is aspiring to look like!

Despite being less prone to dietary lapses it is still key to identify how to eat as a meso.

I would advise to sticking to my normal recommendations for nutrition with not a lot of drastic upheaval. Eating 30-40% protein 30-40% good fats and 20-30% carbohydrates.

Maintain the protocol of having 5-6 smaller meals evenly spread throughout the day.  No changes necessary to this.

You will be carrying more muscle mass in your body so ensure your calorific intake is enough to saturate and maintain muscle mass.

Training wise you mesomorphs have it a tad easier as again you don’t need to switch your training up by much.

You can lift heavier in the weights room, I would advise 6-8 repetitions but you do have room for manoeuvre to change this.

Due to mesomorphs ability to burn fat at a quick rate, cardiovascular training isn’t as essential. Still aims to fit it into your training schedule but you only need a limited amount of it.

So that’s a wrap!

If you fit the mesomorph bill consider yourself lucky but still make sure you work to maintain the gifts you have been given.

On a quick note before I finish.

In some cases you can be a combination of body types. Try to identify what traits you have out of the 3 and use the advice provided in all parts to best formulate a plan to suit your body.

Tomorrow we will move onto greener pastures, and yes the grass is always greener when it comes to my e-mails!


The Dreaded Endomorph And How To Deal With It‏

I hope you all had a refreshing weekend and are ready to smash this week in all aspects of life!


Today we move forward to the second part of the body type series.


It is the turn of the endomorphs.


Don’t let confusion set in here as it was ectomorphs we spoke of in the last e-mail but now it is ENDOmorphs.


It sometimes catches me out as well.




This is pretty much the exact opposite of an ecto, as they tend to be squatter in appearance usually carrying more body fat on their smaller frames.


Sounds a bit rubbish eh?


Doesn’t get much easier reading for you endomorphs, you might want to stop browsing now.


Tune back in near the end though where I share some words of wisdom on how to deal with it.


I am joking by the way, read the whole damm thing.


A lack of muscle definition can also be seen in endomorphs due to their body’s ability to store fat. This fat tends to build up around the stomach area especially.


They can also find more difficulty in losing weight and have tried and failed using various different weight loss programmes.


Being prone to having an insatiable appetite as well does not help any of the above.


Commonly endo’s eat fewer times during the day but using much more substantial portions. This is even more detrimental given there already slower metabolism.


Despite some of these damming traits it is possible to spite them using good nutrition and training methods to suit your body type.


Your carbohydrate intake should be restricted to about 30% and keep the focus on having sensible portion sizes.


Space out more meals through the day. Instead of 2-3 big meals, incorporate 5-6 smaller meals. This will help to speed up your metabolism.


Cut out the processed food!


If you are feeling you can’t kick that hunger pang fill yourself with lots of vegetables, especially dark leafy ones. Drink plenty of water, not only will it keep you hydrated it will also leave you feeling full.


The style of your training can also help fight some of the disadvantages of the endomorph body type.


Increase your cardiovascular training time as this is a big burner of calories.


When lifting weights aim to hit over the ten repetitions range.


Use plenty of full body movements as again this will aid you to burn more calories during your workout.


So the initial facts may have seemed a bit daunting and not good for you.




We have identified some areas of concentration for you to work on which can help to provide you with the body you want.


If you are looking for further advice, contact me and I will try my best to point you in the right direction.


The 3rrd and final part hits your inboxes tomorrow.




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