Different Body Types…..Part 1…….Ectomorphs‏

Although it may seem hard to believe but you can group a large percentage of the population into 3 different body types.


Crazy eh?


Depending on your body type this can lead to your body being prone to certain outcomes.


Taking that important piece of information into account means it is vital to recognise your body type and treat it in accordance.


In a general sense anyway. As again it is possible to go a lot more in depth with added specifics to suit the individual.




For the next 3 e-mails we are going to examine 3 groupings.


These 3 different types are called;








Today we are going to solely deal with you ectomorphs.




This is the easiest body type to identify.  Generally ectomorphs will be tall and skinny or below the average weight for their height.


They have a problem we would all love to have. That is, a fast metabolism meaning they can eat relentlessly and never seem to put on any weight.


Shite problem to have eh?


Due to their lean frame with low body fat  it is very difficult for ectos to put on any weight or increase muscle mass.


Although they can eat what they want there is tendency for them to get fuller more easily.


Most Ectomorphs I know tend to have the worst diets by a long way. This is in part due to their proclivity of eating snacks constantly rather than meals.


One ecto I know whose identity I will keep hidden is constantly entering the gym eating doughnuts, crunchies and full packets of borders biscuits. Yet he never puts on anyway weight.


If this sounds like your figure a diet should be tailored around these facts.


Make your meals smaller but have more of them and try and spread them throughout the day.


When you eat, ensure your intake is very nutrient dense. This helps to get as many GOOD calories in as possible.


Ectomorphs can also get away with eating more carbohydrates than the other body types.


You can also suit your training to go with your grouping as well.


Due to an ectomorphs inability to maintain weight try and limit cardio training were possible and if you like to train it stick to more interval based training.


In regards to weight training I would advise targeting big lifts which work the major and large muscle groups. Working in sets of between 6-8 reps with the aim of lifting as heavy as you can.


So that is your lot as far as ectomorphs go!


Part 2 which will be out on Monday will be looking at endomorphs.





I Am Going To Let You In On A Little Secret‏

I am going to let you in on a little secret today!

This is one often overlooked and forgotten about.

Drum roll please…….


ACCOUNTABILITY is one of the major factors in the success of you achieving your fitness goals!

Hardly ground breaking I know, but I cannot emphasise how important accountability really is.


Simply put, this is the process of relaying your responsibilities onto something or someone else to ensure you do it.


This can really vary from person to person but here are some staple methods of attaining some accountability.

Hiring a personal trainer is one method of doing so. Having an independent source to measure your stats and check your weight WILL DEFINTELY give you that extra incentive to follow the plan the trainer has laid out.

Having a big event on the horizon can force people to stay on point. Whether it is a job interview, family party or wedding.  Everybody wants to squeeze into that appropriate sized dress or look the way they want in the photographs.

Bold proclamations to your family and friends or even to the social media world will for sure give you an extra push. Nobody wants to be that mouthpiece that talked a good game about achieving a goal but then crashed and burned by publically failing.

These are to name but a few.

It is all about giving yourself the best chance of achieving your goals and staying accountable is crucial to this.

Whatever thing that may be in your life which can foster this feeling in you has to be used.  This can be totally unique depending on the individual but it is vital you figure it out.

Working with a personal trainer actually gives you a double dose of accountability as you are accountable to them but they are also accountable to you.

If you are not hitting the targets laid out it is their job to figure out what’s going on and fix it so you are staying on track. Otherwise it reflects badly on them.

Accountability on both sides is a strong duo!

So I hope this little secret has resonated with you and can have a positive impact on your journey!

Yes, I know I spoke of hiring a personal trainer a couple of times in this e-mail but you are 100% more likely to achieve any of your fitness goals by working with me.

That is not big talk it is a fact! Due to my experience and results I can happily make these claims.

If you have any topics you would like me to discuss the rest of the week get them to me and I will endeavour to cover them.



I Need A Detox From Hearing About Detoxes‏

A special time is signalled every January in the fitness industry.


Businesses and fitness professional alike will glamourize going on a detox.

They will tell you tales of how it will kick start your metabolism and help you lose 100lbs in a day!

Okay, I may have exaggerated the weight loss statement.

Let us delve deeper into the murky world of detoxing.


In its most common form a detox will involve a 2-3 day period were you will take on foods only in a liquid form.

Using a blender or juicer you can combine certain foods such as; spinach, kale, celery, Apple, banana, pineapple, oats, flax seeds and many more. Blend that bitch together and drink it.

This is actually a pretty solid method to get lots of good nutrient dense calories in your body.

It can be especially beneficial as you may find it hard to consume these products in solid form due to appetite or even your taste buds but juicing it makes it easier for you to ingest.

Where I become a sceptical of this practise is promoting it as a whole diet or lifestyle.

It all circles back to my favourite topic…


Any nutrition program which contains full days of eating no solids is going to be very hard for you to maintain over a long period of time.

C’mon let’s be real, who is going to enjoy consuming food in only liquid form?

We all enjoy a big meal!

If it is not viable to sustain over time you are better exploring other options.

Many people I hear who support a detox love to discuss how it cleanses the body.

Which is true to a certain degree but you can get the same effect of cleaning your system by drinking litres upon litres of water while still consuming real food.


The proven results on this are negligible.


What is proven is the fact that eating 5 meals, with a high protein and good fats base at 2-4 hour intervals during the day gets your metabolism firing in the correct manner.

That way you also get to enjoy your food.

Sometimes you need to be aware of the glitzy marketing and advertising that is behind some of these fads.

Just for reference as well I own a Nutri Bullet, and love to make some form of smoothies but I won’t base a whole diet around it.

I am not a big eater in the morning but having a smoothie full of good healthy ingredients is a great way to get quick nutritious calories in my body.










Misconceptions Of What You Need To Train

One of the things I have come to learn is that people have a distorted view of what they need to exercise and how much time they need available.


I don’t know if it’s due to watching too many cut scenes from Rocky 4 of Ivan Drago training or footage of Premier League football clubs gyms which are at the cutting edge of sport science.


It is not necessary to have such luxury at your disposal to train.


Realistically all you need is YOU!


Similarly it is not a necessity to have 2-3 hours clear in your schedule to fit in a training session.


If you have severe time constraints a 10-15 minute session could prove to be just as worthwhile as a much longer one.


I hate to quote Tesco but every little really does help in regards to exercise.


Let’s investigate the gym situation first.


Through my online coaching program I have written training schedules for clients who have access to a gym, some who only have limited equipment at a home gym and even those who have no equipment at their disposal.


Do you know what this proved to me?


You can get a great workout regardless of the equipment you have.


Obviously it is easier for people like me to write a more diverse program and give you more variety if you have a gym membership…




There is such a large number of bodyweight and other exercises which require nothing but you out there.


So if you think having no gym membership or equipment at home renders you exempt from training, YOU ARE VERY WRONG CHICO!


As long as you are able bodied, there will always be some routine you can undertake but again it all comes down to if you want it bad enough. If so, there is always a way!




Again, my online coaching has given me a lot of experience and thoughts on this subject.


Having designed programs to suit someone who isn’t currently working and has all the time in the day to fit in 2 training sessions a day from programming for someone who is very senior in the banking industry and on some days only has 15 minutes to get a workout in.


I feel this qualifies me to comment on this matter.


Again don’t get me wrong, the longer you have to train makes it easier to fit more into a workout and make it more progressive




This doesn’t mean you can’t train.


I could design a circuit or set of exercises that could get you tired in 2 minutes that would benefit you.


So even if you only have 15 minutes or so to exercise you can still train in an appropriate fashion.


Time is used merely as an excuse!


We do not do excuses!


No matter how long you have, that is long enough to exercise and do something that is to the betterment of your wellbeing.


As I stated earlier these arguments for your lack of activity are only excuses and excuses are for losers.


We don’t do losing!


No matter what your circumstances are there is always something that can be done.


If you do not have the experience to come up with an exercise regime to counter a lack of equipment or time, then it is appropriate to hire the likes of me to sort you out.


If you have a lack of money as well I am sure you could trawl the internet and use that as a tool to come up with something.


Until tomorrow…


A Free Program And How A Family Member Disappointed Me!‏

So I am a man of my word and as the Americans say I give the public bang for their buck!


Before I give you a 2 day introduction to resistance training program, I have a brief aside to discuss first.


So last night a family member who shall remain nameless was supposed to begin training with me.


I should really name and shame.


I was very excited to begin training them and kick start their fitness journey.




Citing some poor weather conditions they missed the training session and will catch me on a later day.


I was not a happy coach!


Why am I telling you this?




I can’t force you to, your friends and family can’t make you. It has to come from you. Deep inside you need to fully want to improve yourself.


As the old saying goes, “You can take Mohammed to the mountain but you can’t take the mountain to Mohammed.”




I will preface this by saying I am not the biggest fan of one size fits all programming. In my opinion it is lazy and lacks specificity.




I feel this is a very appropriate program aimed as an introduction to weight training. If you have any questions regarding it do not hesitate to get in touch with me.




Day 1

Back Squat – 3 sets of 5-8 reps with 1-2 mins rest between sets.

Single arm dumbbell rows – 3 sets of 8 reps each arm. 1-2 mins rest between sets.

Kettlebell or dumbbell goblet squat – 2 x 12 reps 1-2 mins rest between sets.

Dumbbell shoulder press – 3 x 10 reps with 1-2 mins rest between sets.

Medicine ball slams – 3 x 30 seconds with 1-2 mins rest between sets.


Day 2

Bench Press – 3 x 5-8 reps with 1-2 min rest between sets.

Dumbbell lunges – 3 x 8 reps each leg with 1-2 mins rest between sets

Press ups – 3 x 20 seconds with 1-2 mins rest between sets.

Straight leg kettlebell deadlift – 3 x 8 each side with 1-2 mins rest between sets.

Kettlebell swing – 2 x 12 reps with 1-2 mins rest between sets.



More People Than Ever Dying From…‏


Due to the feedback and interactions I have been having with numerous people lately, it is clear to me that motivation levels are through the roof at the minute.




Well it is January and is to be expected.




Here is some added incentive to live in a healthier fashion and generally just something to ponder.




We are in an age where more people are dying of lifestyle related illnesses than ever.




That number is growing every year!




This is not just a problem in the United Kingdom but lifestyle related diseases are one of the biggest killers worldwide, if not the biggest.




Obesity (yes that is an official illness.)


Type 2 diabetes


Heart disease




Forms of cancer


High blood pressure




Some nasty shit right there in that list.




Crazy to think that the way in which you are living can lead to such horrendous and crippling illnesses.




In life illness can strike without any reason or warning but the above can be prevented. Give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding these problems.




There are some medical issues you have absolute no control over but lifestyle related illness you can take ownership of.




It is your life and your body after all!




British and Scottish culture in particular is not conducive to living in the healthiest of ways.




As a country the promotion of exercise and good nutrition is severely lacking. Instead choosing to televise Geordies going out drinking all the time.




You my friends are not followers, we are going to blaze our own trail and live in the healthiest fashion we can.




What are some of the things to avoid?




Drinking to excess, especially binge drinking




Drug use


Processed foods


High saturated fat intake




Sedentary lifestyle (lack of exercise)




Specifically targeting these areas can make huge inroads in the prevention of this problem.




If you think about it, it’s not that difficult really?




For the most part try and consume produce and foods that are earth grown with no added preservatives or chemicals.




Make the effort to exercise or stay active a minimum of 3 times per week.




If you like alcoholic beverages limit how much you consume. The odd glass of red wine or pint of lager won’t kill you but sinking 6-10 glasses 3 times a week is going to do some serious harm.




Don’t smoke, that shit is nasty. If a product states it can kill on the label why do it?




An often forgotten aspect is to take time to look after you. I know that sounds very psychologist sitting you down on the couch esque. However, it is huge for your wellbeing. Make time to do things you enjoy that make you feel good.




Felt I had to get that off my chest due to the mainstream media’s lack of attention and coverage of this worrying trend.




I can be quite the political activist when I want to be. Potentially I could end up going full on Russell Brand.




If there is one takeaway to be garnered from this, your lifestyle can have direct consequences on your health.




You only get once chance with your health so be sure to treat your body with the respect it deserves.




In other news, I am also open to suggestions on topics people would like to hear me discuss. You can get your ideas to me by replying to this e-mail or hitting me up on some form of social media.




Also, I have some new vacancies for potential clients for the first time in a while. So if you like my ideas on health and fitness and need a charismatic personal trainer contact me to arrange a free consultation.




Peace out.





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Habits, They Can Make Or Break You‏

By way of human nature we are creatures of habit.

Structure and routine are our friends and sometimes our downfall.

That is why Christmas and New Year are such a destructive time for our fitness and eating regimes.

Our normal routine gets ripped to shreds, leaving our standard healthy lifestyle by the way side.

You may have noticed for the last couple of days I have focused a great deal on mentality.

Not like Charles Bronson mental but…

MINDSET is a key driver behind the success or failure when in pursuit of your goals.

If the mind is wrong, your body will be wrong.

Yesterday I set you a challenge of establishing a plan to make you better equipped with clear steps to work towards your goals.

In order for this plan to succeed we need to create good habits.

This is an essential component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Taking that into consideration that is why the first 2-4 weeks of any lifestyle change are the most important.

Start your plan in lacklustre fashion you will achieve lacklustre results.

If you let bad habits creep in from an early stage they will stay with you and multiply. Before you know it you are back to square 1 next January.



If you start strong and instil good habits it will be easier for you to maintain as it just becomes your routine.

It would be silly of me not to give you an example of what these could be.

Here are some ideas to promote a better wellbeing,

1. Prepare meals at the start of the week/ night before to avoid work canteen or fast food
2. Wake up half an hour earlier than usual to prepare and eat breakfast
3. Carry a water bottle with you during the day to ensure hydration
4. Go to the gym on way home from work to make sure you don’t go back home and lack the will power to go back out.

And that is to name but a few.

Don’t get me wrong it is far from easy to apply this.


If you have a strong will and can survive the opening month it will be a much easier process for you.

Let good habits become your structure and routine.

This will allow the good stuff to begin to fall into place.


We Don’t Do Resolutions, Just Goals and Plans‏

So the festivities are over for another year, most of you will be returning to work.


2015 has truly begun.


For most it has been a season of excess, far too much food and alcohol consumed.


(Me included.)


However, the onset of a new year signals new beginnings!


A large portion of the population is full of beans and ready to begin working towards their New Year resolutions.




Over 90% of people will fail in achieving these resolutions, most before we even reach February.


Yes, it sounds negative but unfortunately it is true.




You, my loyal subscribers are going to be different.




No matter what your goals maybe, fitness which is relevant to me or even things such as family, relationships and jobs.




There is no point having a goal without having clear action steps to enable you to reach your goals.


I want you to write this plan down and pin it up somewhere in your house so that it’s visible on a daily basis.


For example,


If your goal is to decrease body fat and lose weight, here are some possible action steps.


  1. Aim to exercise between 30-60 mins, 3-4 times per week.
  2. Eat 5 healthy meals a day, focusing on cutting out processed foods.
  3. Drink less alcohol and instead focus on drinking more water.
  4. Only have takeaway or a cheat meal on a Saturday.
  5. Follow some blogs/websites to further your knowledge on fitness and nutrition. COUGH any Kieran Malone propaganda COUGH


Obviously everyone has unique individual goals requiring different steps but you all catch what I am throwing out.


Your goal is unattainable without this plan.


Recently I have been using a separate notebook to write down my goals daily, which I do every morning.


I do this to remind myself of the bigger picture I am working towards at the start of every day.


This gives me a surge of motivation to carry me through the day and keeps me accountable, ensuring I am not straying away from the plan I have laid out.


Another snippet I like to ensure focus and accountability is to publicise your goals. Tell friends and family.




Fuck the haters! You will be more likely to achieve your goals if they are in the public domain as nobody wants to be seen failing. This will give you added motivation and drive.


So before we delve into more complex matters, this is my task to you all.


Write your goals down, come up with the action steps required to achieve, hang these goals somewhere visible and most importantly….




There is no point going in half arse because you will fail.


GO ALL IN and you will reach your destination.


So there it is, not as much patter and comedy as usual but this is serious business and I want you to follow this advice.


I shall sign off on this…




If you would be interested in receiving e-mails like this FREE in your inbox at 7am every morning, sign up through the link below.
















Don’t Be That Person On The Plane (For Health Reasons,Not Aesthetics)

This may come across as me being a bit of a dick.


However, what I am talking about has serious health implications and can have a massive impact on your life.


The fitness industry is too rife these days with overly positive rhetoric and too much massaging of egos of the public and clientele.


What I am about to speak of may be harsh but sometimes the truth hurts.


So, I was on a plane at the weekend and was sat next to someone I would be comfortable describing as morbidly obese.


It is a bad day when your stomach sits over your tray table when you have it down.


Comedic, I am not trying to be. My initial thoughts were not off how much space the guy was going to take up.


Instead all I could see was a walking health scare, so many possible health issues leaving him a ticking time bomb.


Heart disease


Forms of Cancer


High blood pressure

Respiratory problems


These are to name but a few of the possible serious consequences that being overweight or obese can lead to.


Scary fucking list eh?


No matter who you are that should be enough motivation to get your health in check and do all the right things to give your body the best chance in life.


Remember we only get one body, abuse it and you are stuck with it.


This has been very abrupt and to the point but I feel it necessary to get some people on the correct path.


All these health issues I listed above are all linked to obesity and your chances of falling foul to them increase greatly if you do not look after yourself.


I often hear people say that they don’t care that they are overweight.




People do care; no matter who you are, you want to fit in nice and appropriate sizes clothes.


You want the opposite sex to be attracted to you.


This is human nature!


Even if you couldn’t give a damm about these vain reasons (I know you do though) have some respect for your body and those around you by taking a step for the positive.








Even if you are on a less extreme part of this spectrum, I want you to realise that every decision you make health wise has consequences, both negative and positive.


You are solely responsible for the state of your health and only you can be accountable to make it right.


So there it is…


If anybody would like to discuss any of the issues raised, get in contact with me and we can discuss them further.


Or if you would like me to help you reach your health and fitness goals, drop me a message.


Yours truly,


Kieran ‘The Truth’ Malone

childhood obesity

Deadlifting Alternative – Trap Bar‏

It’s been emotional but this will be the last part of my three day deadlifting spectacular.

Although I have enjoyed it greatly I am not going to lie I hope I don’t need to type the word deadlift again for another lifetime.

My whole life has been revolved around sport and exercise. Most of my friends are all high level athletes or dedicated gym goers.

So I feel this puts me in a good position to say this.

Most people I know or have spoken to who have back problems usually attest these problems to deadlifting.

Now this could be down to poor technique but I do think deadlifting puts an incredible amount of pressure on the lower back for some people.

For the past 2 days I have spoken in depth about how the deadlift can be such a great exercise. So how best to combat this problem and keep this great exercise in your exercise problems.

There is 1 simple solution!


This just involves using a trap bar instead of a straight bar for deadlifting.

I am still unsure how to attach images in the middle of these but google the term ‘trap bar’ to see exactly what I am speaking about.

What a great invention for athletes, personal trainers and recreational gym users.

Trap bar deadlifting is far easier for beginners to work with than a straight bar. It is significantly simpler for a novice to sit into the correct position.

As I outlined in the first deadlifting e-mail, it is a pretty complicated process to get the correct form on the barbell deadlift.

So doesn’t matter if you are a novice, intermediate or experienced with the deadlift using the trap bar simplifies the process by a nbso huge amount.

Due to the design of a trap bar we step inside the bar essentially putting us in the middle of the weight rather than being behind the bar. Which reduces the amount of pressure placed on the spine compared to using the straight bar.

Which is a huge advantage from an injury prevention perspective.

The design of the bar has another advantage as it allows us to lift more weight using this method. I find it lends itself to a more powerful and quick movement. Studies have shown that use of the trap bar can lead to developing more power when deadlifting.


Step inside the bar.

Grip bar tightly using the handles.

Sit into a squat keeping your hands down with a slight arch in your back.

Drive by pushing your feet through the floor; drive your hips forward while straightening your legs.

Keep your core tight throughout the movement.

Much like the barbell deadlift do no over extend at the top of the lift.

Maintaining good posture squat back down to return the bar to the floor.

What an exercise!

So there you have it, I think I have finally run out of things to say on this matter.

I hope you have enjoyed this in depth look at deadlifting.

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