Crabs in a Pot


So this topic has been on my mind for a while…
An incident that happened to me last week finally prompted me to articulate my thoughts on this on a more formal level.


What is this?

It is particularly prevalent in Britain – the theory where you have crabs in a pot. If one crab tries to escape, all the other crabs work as a team to make sure the escapee crab does not succeed.

This has real life application when society or smaller groups of “crabs” try to drag and bring anybody down who tries to be different or be successful. It’s caused by nothing more than a sign of jealously which results in trying to shoot people down for going out and trying to make a better life for themselves.

Last week I had haters trying to snipe and bring me down.

Yes, even I get haters!

Why? Because I put myself out there, I try to be different and do so with confidence. People feel threatened by others showing confidence as it highlights their own insecurities.

BUT enough about me. How does this apply to online casino’s you?

I have had many clients tell me stories which follow a similar theme.

Upon changing their lifestyle to a more healthy one, work colleagues and friends can start to make some snide comments. These in most cases are only subtle but they are an attempt to belittle the recipient and make them feel weird for trying to live a healthier life!

“Why you going to the gym? You will end up full of big muscles. Muscly girls don’t look good”

“Why you eating that rabbit food? It looks disgusting and horrible who would want to eat that?”

Sound familiar?

This is in an effort to drag you back into the pot with them.

They lack the motivation and work ethic to work towards goals like the ones you have in your sights. They can’t even comprehend the effort it takes to be where you are going.

So for these reasons…

When/If you hear and recognise this happening, I want you to acknowledge this as a sign that you are on the right path.

It proves you are actually making such recognisable changes that it is causing jealousy in other people.

It will mean, my friends, that you have dared to be different and HEALTHY!

Do not let others distract you from your goals. At the end of the day, IT’S YOUR LIFE, who gives a damn what these crabs have to say?

And guess what?

While you are out smashing it and living a positive life, these people will be too busy bitching and moaning about your gains/goals to be doing anything with their own.

I hate to finish with a football reference but I think this one fits well…

After you have scored the winning goal, don’t run, shout and rub it in the opposition. Simply pick up the ball and run back to the halfway line smiling!

Haters will hate. Ignore them and be better than them!

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