Day 470: The journey begins…

Kieran Malone

Here it is, the much anticipatead, inaugural blog – well I am super excited for it, even if nobody else is!  This initial blog will be a bit ‘vanilla’, for my charismatic standards anyway, but I would just like to use it as vehicle to show everyone out there what I am all about and let everyone get a concept of my dream…

For anyone that doesn’t know me, I am Kieran Malone.  I am 21 years old and I am an Olympic freestyle wrestler chasing down my goal, of not only qualifying for the Commonwealth Games in my hometown Glasgow, but in fact becoming the first ever Scottish gold medalist in the discipline!  Longer term, I am targeting the 2016 Olympics in Rio where I intend to qualify and achieve a medal as well.  As a result, I want to bring success to Scottish and British wrestling for the first time (since Noah had an arc probably).  Lofty expectations, I know… but if you dream big and have the right action plan in place, you can do anything you put your mind to!  And so, I want you all to share the journey with me: the training, the competitions and the ups and downs. This is why I have set up the page.

And no, I haven’t suddenly been struck by a bolt of lightning, awoke, and decided this was my dream.  The sport of wrestling has been my life since the age of 6!  It is all I have known my whole life; training and competing in the sport.  I have been pretty successful so far winning multiple Scottish and British titles through every age group and representing for both on the international front (Commonwealth bronze at the juniors and all).  If that wasn’t enough, since the age of 17, I have turned my passion into a career by becoming a wrestling coach and personal trainer.  I teach wrestling classes and coach wrestling to big groups and individual clients, along with personal training for fitness and strength and conditioning clients.  This has made me the first ever person in Scotland from a wrestling background to forge a career and business out of it.  So as you can see wrestling really is my life!

I also want to use this as a platform to boost the notoriety of a little sport like wrestling, as I feel nobody else has tried in Britain before.  To gain the spotlight for a big event like this can do SO MUCH for a small sport like wrestling.  What it needs is a character, ME, and I am aiming to change perceptions!  Hopefully after Glasgow 2014, the next generation won’t want to grow up to be overpaid girls like Scott Brown or Kenny Miller.  They’ll be excited to get involved in other, more challenging, sports such as wrestling or a few of the other Commonwealth Sports.

Right, enough of the boring stuff now… Over the coming months I am going to give the world an in-depth look at the life of an athlete training for a huge global event!  It is very topical for the Scottish public as the Commonwealth Games are coming to our glorious little country in just over a year.  I will put blogs up as much as possible covering all aspects of my journey: my ramblings on training, competition, diet, struggles etc.  Also, look out for my video blogs (Vlogs), where you can follow me around doing cool stuff and lots more exciting sections will be announced over the week, the suspense must be killing you all already!  Sure to be action packed, watch this space people…

On a personal note, I would just like to give a big thanks to my sponsor Andrew Dobbie and the team at MadeBrave Design Agency – if it wasn’t for them none of this would be possible!  One talk with Dobbie inspired me to be different and, as well as having the best arms in Glasgow, he is such a positive guy to be around… I would recommend anyone with an aspiring or established business to check him and his company out!  Thank you.

Make sure to check out the Facebook and Twitter regularly for updates!

Drive for the dream, shoot for success!

Kieran Malone

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