Dealing With That Hangover


Judging by my social media feeds and the fact it was Halloween at the weekend many of you may have been nursing a hangover at the weekend.

So I deemed this a very appropriate time to share some hangover management tips.

Most of you should not need me to explain to you what a hangover is. However, I am going to tell you anyway.

A hangover is the result of a heavy session on the booze. This can result in sickness, headaches, tiredness and a general feeling of shitness.

This is where you regret all the jaeger bombs!

You may also suffer from…



I can’t help you with the latter but I do have some words of wisdom.

Generally speaking the harshness of a hangover is down to dehydration and a lack of sleep. This makes sense as alcohol makes us go to the toilet more and drinking sessions usually run into the early hours of the morning, meaning we get less sleep.


With dehydration being a major factor in contributing to a hangover, it is key to drink plenty of water. This means before and whilst drinking alcohol. So be sure to be as fully hydrated before you go out and when you’re out be online casino sure to drink pints of water at regular intervals to maintain hydration levels.


This is the first time I have shared this piece of advice with the public and it is a total gem. When returning home from a night on the sauce the best thing you can do is take a couple of sachets of dioralyte or another similar type rehydration salts brands.

What a difference this makes the next morning! Due to the salts restoring natural salts and minerals balance to our bodies. It is a perfect cure and kills the onset of dehydration. I highly recommend this!

Don’t take for granted basic information you may know such as ensuring you are drinking on a full stomach. Eating a substantial meal before drinking alcohol can also help to negate the symptoms of a hangover.

Allow yourself a longer sleep after hitting it hard. Try and clear your schedule the next day so you can sleeper for longer making up for the lost sleep. This can help to make you a feel a huge deal better the next day.

It is very important the way in which you deal with a hangover. If you handle it in a good fashion it will increase the likelihood that you eat healthy the next day and get back to the gym as soon as you can.

When something silly like a hangover could interrupt you achieving your goals why not get on top of the situation and implement some of this advice to your life.

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