Different Body Types…..Part 1…….Ectomorphs‏


Although it may seem hard to believe but you can group a large percentage of the population into 3 different body types.


Crazy eh?


Depending on your body type this can lead to your body being prone to certain outcomes.


Taking that important piece of information into account means it is vital to recognise your body type and treat it in accordance.


In a general sense anyway. As again it is possible to go a lot more in depth with added specifics to suit the individual.




For the next 3 e-mails we are going to examine 3 groupings.


These 3 different types are called;








Today we are going to solely deal with you ectomorphs.




This is the easiest body type to identify.  Generally ectomorphs will be tall and skinny or below the average weight for their height.


They have a problem we would all love to have. That is, a fast metabolism meaning they can eat relentlessly and never seem to put on any weight.


Shite problem to have eh?


Due to their lean frame with low body fat  it is very difficult for ectos to put on any weight or increase muscle mass.


Although they can eat what they want there is tendency for them to get fuller more easily.


Most Ectomorphs I know tend to have the worst diets by a long way. This is in part due to their proclivity of eating snacks constantly rather than meals.


One ecto I know whose identity I will keep hidden is constantly entering the gym eating doughnuts, crunchies and full packets of borders biscuits. Yet he never puts on anyway weight.


If this sounds like your figure a diet should be tailored around these facts.


Make your meals smaller but have more of them and try and spread them throughout the day.


When you eat, ensure your intake is very nutrient dense. This helps to get as many GOOD calories in as possible.


Ectomorphs can also get away with eating more carbohydrates than the other body types.


You can also suit your training to go with your grouping as well.


Due to an ectomorphs inability to maintain weight try and limit cardio training were possible and if you like to train it stick to more interval based training.


In regards to weight training I would advise targeting big lifts which work the major and large muscle groups. Working in sets of between 6-8 reps with the aim of lifting as heavy as you can.


So that is your lot as far as ectomorphs go!


Part 2 which will be out on Monday will be looking at endomorphs.




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