Don’t Be That Person On The Plane (For Health Reasons,Not Aesthetics)

childhood obesity

This may come across as me being a bit of a dick.


However, what I am talking about has serious health implications and can have a massive impact on your life.


The fitness industry is too rife these days with overly positive rhetoric and too much massaging of egos of the public and clientele.


What I am about to speak of may be harsh but sometimes the truth hurts.


So, I was on a plane at the weekend and was sat next to someone I would be comfortable describing as morbidly obese.


It is a bad day when your stomach sits over your tray table when you have it down.


Comedic, I am not trying to be. My initial thoughts were not off how much space the guy was going to take up.


Instead all I could see was a walking health scare, so many possible health issues leaving him a ticking time bomb.


Heart disease


Forms of Cancer


High blood pressure

Respiratory problems


These are to name but a few of the possible serious consequences that being overweight or obese can lead to.


Scary fucking list eh?


No matter who you are that should be enough motivation to get your health in check and do all the right things to give your body the best chance in life.


Remember we only get one body, abuse it and you are stuck with it.


This has been very abrupt and to the point but I feel it necessary to get some people on the correct path.


All these health issues I listed above are all linked to obesity and your chances of falling foul to them increase greatly if you do not look after yourself.


I often hear people say that they don’t care that they are overweight.




People do care; no matter who you are, you want to fit in nice and appropriate sizes clothes.


You want the opposite sex to be attracted to you.


This is human nature!


Even if you couldn’t give a damm about these vain reasons (I know you do though) have some respect for your body and those around you by taking a step for the positive.








Even if you are on a less extreme part of this spectrum, I want you to realise that every decision you make health wise has consequences, both negative and positive.


You are solely responsible for the state of your health and only you can be accountable to make it right.


So there it is…


If anybody would like to discuss any of the issues raised, get in contact with me and we can discuss them further.


Or if you would like me to help you reach your health and fitness goals, drop me a message.


Yours truly,


Kieran ‘The Truth’ Malone

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