Drinking From The Coconut


Although there will be no ridiculous tales of Wayne Rooney being knocked out today I will still keep you interested.


Well I will try anyway.


As I always hammer home to you guys, the fitness world is a cyclical series of fads and trends.


One of these which for me are tastier than others is…




Me personally I love the taste of some of these products and actually think it enhances my hydration.


Currently when you go to the correct section in the supermarket there is now a huge increase in brands offering their version of this product.


One drawback of coconut water is it can be slightly expensive. Coming in at £3-4 for a medium sized carton.


This for some people puts them off buying it.


Rather than just buying on heresay let’s investigate into why coconut water is beneficial for you.


Post workout it acts as a great electrolyte replacement for such as potassium and sodium. And many more.


Remember it is not just water you are losing through sweat we also lose some electrolytes and salts in the body.


Most of these coconut water brands are very natural occurring products coming from as close to the coconut as possible.


Beware though some brands are more natural than others. Be sure to read the labels and do some research on the brand you intend to use.


I know we all like calorie low items. Coconut water falls into this bracket containing far less calories than other sports drinks.


Although low in calories it is high on sugar. Despite this being some naturally occurring sugars we must always be aware of staying in control of our sugar content.


Some studies also suggest that it has more health benefits which can lead to better skin and reduced blood pressure. I haven’t done enough research into those claims so I do not know how accurate they are.


From Personal experience I have used this as a rehydration strategy after weight cuts for recent fights. Judging by the way my body has reacted to it, it works well.


So any fighters out there I would urge you to give this a try next time you need to re constitute.


As with many of these fads some of the buzz and advertising has to be taken with a pinch of salt as these companies are trying to push their product.


Not all of them will tell the truth when advertising.


So by no means do I believe this is as clean cut a product as some people suggest but what I will say is I have noticed it has helped in a good way with me and my client’s hydration.


As usual if it works for me and my clients I will recommend it to you on the benefits I have seen directly and not just some research papers I have read.


Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Having drank straight out of a coconut on Copacabana beach I will say it does not simulate this experience but we will have to make do.

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