E-Mail 3 – Wastebook


The reason you all receive these e-mails is in a big part down help me with my homework to reading and finding out about a lot of my content on social media.

So it may seem contradictory of me to slander and tell you to limit your time on all forms of communication killing social media.


How much of your day do you spend on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?


I am guilty of this to. I reckon my girlfriend on multiple occasions has been ready to take a hatchet to my ignorant ass who spends so much time on technology.

What more valuable things could we be doing with our time?


How does this relate to health and fitness I bet you are all thinking?

Well let me enlighten you.

Society in this era moves very fast and I appreciate we all have time constraints. One of the biggest reasons (excuses) that I hear people say why they can’t train, “I am too busy”, “I just don’t have the time.”

Now lets start to add up the amount of time (being wasted) you spend on smart phones, laptops and tablets on social media. We can even extend this to playing computer games.

Going by the trends I see in my life that time will be staggeringly high and a shock to most people.

REMEMBER, not everyone can train 5 days a week for 2 hours each time BUT you can free up 30 or 40 minutes 2 or 3 times a week by taking a stand and not losing minutes/hours of precious time glued to social media.

Even if it’s only 10 minutes you are creating, some form of workout can be tailored to fit these needs just to make sure you remain active.

Another one casino online of the many complaints I hear is I have no time to prepare food for the next day or week ahead. This one really grates on me.

Why not invest those twenty minutes after work and before bed that you spend scrolling down the negativity which is your Facebook timeline and prepare meals so you know no matter what you have healthy food to eat.

I can’t EMPAHASISE enough the importance of preparing meals this makes a diet so much easier and harder to stray as you should always have food on you.

Recently I conducted a study were I went without a mobile phone for 2 months (true story is I lost my phone but the study story makes it seem more professional) and the amount of lunches with friends I had to sit through were the chat ground to a standstill and I was suddenly dining with zombies attached to their phone.

I know the last point is not fitness related but it is all about self improvement so I thought it would be apt.

Throughout this e-mail I have been on the verge of a massive tirade on how the governments use social media to control and subdue the masses but that is a tale for another day.

If you lack the self control to follow this advice there are now apps available where you can limit your time on mediums like Facebook and Twitter. Get one of these and set yourself strict limits such as 10 or 15 minutes.

Use your time instead to better yourself whether that may be losing weight, getting stronger or even learning a new language.

So the moral of today’s story GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA AS MUCH! (unless it is mine)

Still make sure you read my e-mails though!

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