E-Mail 4 – A Massage Without The Extras

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Now the title of this e-mail may be a little provocative…

Although I am not about to start talking about seedy massage parlers.

What I am going to talk about is FOAM ROLLERS. Not as dramatic or interesting I know but this will lead you to less post and pre workout muscle soreness in your life.


Simply speaking they are usually a cylinder shaped object made of foam. They can vary in hardness and durability. In my humble opinion, you are better served buying a more expensive one as they will last longer and work on your muscles better (by working your muscles better, I mean it will hurt like hell).


Basically as a form of self massage. The foam roller, with its larger surface area and adaptability, can target more areas of our body than our own hands.

Any time we train at an intense level, soreness will start to build in the muscle groups most used during our workouts. These are just little knots forming in and around the muscle.

The roller allows us to break up these knots and areas where tension has built up in much the same way a deep tissue massage would work.

Unlike a sports massage foam rollers are a one off investment they can travel with you all the time.
With the larger foam rollers targeting the larger muscle groups such as quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, arms and upper back.


If you are finding a tight area harder to pinpoint or casino online it is close to a joint you Basically, XP will become increasingly insecure as time goes on, and users best-data-recovery.com will be more in jeopardy as time passes without updates. can use another common tool used for foam rolling: a hockey or lacrosse ball. You can be more precise as these are considerably smaller.

I would recommend using foam rolling in conjunction with stretching at the start and after a training session – 10 minutes is all that is required.

It is vital you prepare your body for physical activity and foam rolling is a big part of this. Many people only deal with this kind of stuff when they get injured but if you are clever and use these tools as injury prevention, it will lead to less time at the physio.

Now… Foam rolling isn’t the most pleasant when massaging a particularly sore area so you should expect a little discomfort, but if this becomes extreme pain, then I would recommend you stop foam rolling and see your physio.

If you use this advice, your training partners will be hating on your when your DOMs are less than theirs… So as Chamilionaire said “They see me rolling, they hating…”!

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