Eat, Sleep, Exercise Repeat – don't forget to chill!


In this modern, ever evolving era, growing numbers of people are finding it hard to stay stress free. Pressures from day to day activities such as your job, family, financial concerns and generally the modern society can cause greater levels of stress.

Can this have an affect on weight loss? Yes it can and I am going to explain why.

Now this is going to get a bit wordy here with a bit of jargon but I need to drop some knowledge bombs to help illustrate this. When the body is placed under physical and mental stress the adrenal glands release hormones to help deal with this stress placed on the body. The main hormone I would like to concentrate on, which is released, is increased levels of cortisol.

The reason why, is because cortisol helps to regulate the body’s metabolism especially metabolising carbs and fats and turning this into energy for the body. It also helps control blood pressure and blood sugar levels and results in insulin release. All of the above leads to the body feeling hungry and makes us want to eat more. In addition, recent studies have shown that raised cortisol levels can lead to localised storing of fat and this online casino takes place in the ‘dreaded’ area for most people (round the tummy)! Not to mention all the links this has to heart disease and various other negative health effects.

So what does this mean? If we reduce stress levels, can it help with fat loss? Absolutely! How can we do this? Well, research proves that exercise decreases cortisol levels which, as you have read here, is necessary to get the body’s metabolism firing the way it needs to help regulate blood sugars. We also know that when we exercise the brain releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling throughout the brain and body. This also helps reduce stress and anxiety which, as we now, know helps with fat loss. See how important exercise is now?

So, as I am a bit of a nocturnal night owl from time to time, I feel slightly hypocritical saying this… But sleep can be very important to alleviate stress as well (but I exercise all the time so that’s why I can get away without it – remember do as I say not as I do!). Optimally you are looking to get 6-8 hours sleep a week. This 6-8 hour window has been shown to deliver the best results in fat loss, sleeping more than 8 hours can actually have the opposite affect! Hence why sleep is very important. This makes sense when you think about it… If you don’t get a good/enough sleep you wake up feeling lethargic and are more inclined to eat junk food. ‘Technically speaking’, sleep deprivation causes the problems in maintaining the chemicals leptin and ghrelin, which is to blame for an increase in appetite. I am telling you that by controlling something as simple as sleep, you can lose weight, c’mon thats a gimme!

All in all, surround yourself with good people, partake in hobbies and activities you enjoy. Relax and take the world for what it is, a game. Take pressure off yourself and only focus on things you can control in your life, and get a good night’s sleep. Remember pressure and stress is a thing that is created in your mind and only placed on you, BY YOU!

Drive for the dream, shoot for success.

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