Eye of the Tiger


Earlier today while training myself something felt different.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was at first.

There was just a lack of atmosphere leaving me feeling very flat.

Then it clicked.

I was training without music playing for the first time in……well…….forever.

Which lead me to think and investigate further.

Does music improve and increase your capacity to work hard in the gym?

For me, it is a resounding yes!

I won’t take you down somewhat of a pretentious route and advise you to listen to classical music to boost your productivity.

Although there has been some solid research behind that theory.


Take these points into consideration.

Appropriately chosen music will lift your spirits and help to psyche you up. Obviously listening to some crooner belting out a ballad might not to have this effect.


Depending on your preferred choice of genre, certain dance or heavy metal tracks will help you attack the workout with a new intensity as the music provides you with a buzz and a sense of confidence.

Use tracks that have a motivating or emotive meaning to you which can help drag extra effort from you during your session.

I actually find the music sometimes provides a welcome distraction meaning online casino I don’t realise how dog tired I am due to the music having a feel good effect.

Most of the information I provide you is from personal experience and things that I have learned by trying myself.

I find that listening to the correct music that inspires me also helps me visualise during my workout. Providing me positive imagery in my mind to help bring the best out of myself.

Certain lyrics and music which has a specific meaning to you can also stimulate you to use more positive self-talk. Internally telling yourself the right things for sure increases your capacity to work.

There is a certain run I always do which has a big ass hill near the end of it. I always attack the hill more and feel better when I do it with music on compared to the only noise being my heart beating at an increasing rate.

When ‘eye of the tiger’ comes on I feel ready to run through a brick wall. You must have a song which triggers the same response?

The only caveat I would add to this is, if you are learning something new or completing a tricky task I would do this without music to avoid distraction and keep concentration at a high level.

Next time you have a training session lined up; design your perfect playlist to inspire you through the workout.

Hit play.

See what effect it has.

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