Fat Burners Or Money Makers?


You will hear this very often BUT I shall bore you with it again.

There are NO shortcuts to success or achieving your goals.


The use of fat burners most definitely come under that umbrella.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see why people see this as a great option to lose weight.

Look at the name, this product tells you it burns fat.

Who doesn’t want that?

Most of these products tend to have very glitzy marketing and advertising campaigns.

They illustrate via images and adverts how you can go from a Gemma Collins looking character (ooooooo I went there) to having a lean, chiselled build with an epic 6 pack.

By simply taking 2 pills a day.

Would companies lie to you in order to sell a product?

You can make up your own mind on that.


Fat burners or thermogenics as they are also referred to increase your body’s metabolism. Burning stored fat as a form of fuel for the body.

Depending on brand this supplement can contain, ephedrine, aspirin and a shitload of caffeine. Usually it will be some cocktail of these three stimulants.
These help to create the release of hormones that speeds up the metabolism.

As a thermogenic it can cause a rise in your body’s temperature which as you exercise will enable you to sweat more due to this.

The large quantity of caffeine housed in this product has also shown that it can supress appetite.

My main problem is the way in which taking this supplement messes with your body’s natural process and manipulates your hormones.

It is never good to play round with your body’s natural operating procedure.

Anything that elevates your heart rate should be given serious consideration before you ingest it into your system.

From personal experience, I felt very jittery and nervy when taking fat burners. This is caused by the stimulation to your central nervous system.

Not enjoyable.

Some particular companies also intimate that you can take their tablets and not have to work to lose weight which is just flat wrong.
To see results from this, you still need to work out.


and fat burners worked so well there would be no obesity problem and we would all be on them athletic and happy.

Alas, it is not that easy.

If you are a bodybuilder looking for that last edge and advantage to rip up that bit more before competition then yes maybe this is an option for you.


If you are a recreational trainer this will not provide you long term results and will not provide sustainable weight loss.
There is no magic pill to weight loss.

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