First Things First, Got to Qualify


I have certainly stuck my head above the parapet and made a bold move.

With the qualification period not even begun, here I am letting everyone know about my training and what’s going on without having secured my qualification for the games, the shrinking violet that I am!  Now anything less than qualification and a medal winning performance at the games will be a public failure for me.  Inviting you all to share my journey through my website and blogs does pile on the pressure too…

How do I Achieve Qualification?

There are 3 qualification tournaments (I need to achieve a certain placing in 2 out of the 3 qualification tournaments to book my place).

First up, will be the British Open Championships taking place in Welshpool on June 16th.  Here I must achieve top 3 out of British passport holders.  Having already achieved this at a similar tournament earlier in the year, I am very confident of not only getting this place but becoming British Champion!

Just over a month later, we have the BIG ONE for this year – the Commonwealth Championship in my hometown, Glasgow.  This is basically a dry run of the athletes and teams who will be at the Games, only a year earlier. A top 8 finish is required on the day.  Again, I am confident of success and hope to surprise the usual suspects from Canada and India by getting in the medal hunt and making a statement for what is going to happen in 2014.  A big home support on the day will ensure this!

Last but by no means least, will be the British Closed Championship (also in Glasgow), this is likely to be in March/April of 2014.  A competition for only British citizens, again, a top 3 position must be secured.  As I perceive myself to be the number one athlete at this weight, I am expecting to win!

The Plan

Nail the standards in the first 2 qualification competitions.  This way I can get my place secure in the team and I will have almost online casino dgfev exactly a year to focus on chasing down that gold medal (rather than having to worry about qualifying).

However, I am in no means under the illusion that qualification won’t bring a certain degree of difficulty… but I am thinking about the bigger picture.

The podium is where I want to be in 2014 – standing at the top!  Some athletes just want to go to the Games for the tracksuit these days, whereas I will count anything less than a medal, a failure.  If I thought I was just going to make up numbers, I wouldn’t bother competing; I am there to win it all, not just for the occasion.

Having just told the world, I now need to live up to the billing!  My performance in training has been getting better and better since the website went live.  Aside from having to live up to all my bold statements, the only legitimate reason for recent improvement is that all of your continuous support and encouragement is making me more determined each day (thank you).

There may be more experienced, stronger, skilful wrestlers in my weight class out there (just maybe), but nobody will outwork me!  I won’t stop until I am the best I can possibly be…

Drive for the dream, shoot for success.

Kieran Malone


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