Get In The Kitchen And Maintain A Diet Easier, Isn’t That An Oxymoron?


As I currently write this I am working under some poor conditions, due to my laptop screen being cracked leaving only half of it readable.


This is just one of the pitfalls of having a dog. Since my adorable French bulldog Arnie, took it upon himself to jump on my laptop.


If you are ever thinking about getting a dog I urge you to take incidents like this into consideration.


Now down to some serious business.


Today we are going to talk about cooking!


Due to the outbreak on social media of everyone and there dog posting pictures of what they are eating for meals, it has become abundantly clear to me why many people are failing to sustain a healthy diet.


I like a food picture as much as the next person but if you indulge in this make sure it is a bitching and inventive dish. Which you will definitely get more credit for and it will interest people.


Who wants to see a bland plastic container with tuna and some white rice?


To the same point, do we really need to see some plain chicken with broccoli and Nando’s sauce all over it?


Speaking for myself I don’t want to eat such “vanilla” meals never mind see pictures of them.


This is where the cooking bit rears its head.


How can you maintain any diet if you are not looking forward to the food?


How is it possible to remain motivated if your food doesn’t taste good?


How are you going to sustain having pretty much the same meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner for months on end?


You can’t plain and simple.


Fortunately if you feel this refers to you I have an easy situation to rectify this.


Get in the kitchen and learn some culinary skills.


You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey or Michelle Roux to put together a nice plate of food.


I can hear the cries already as people are reading this of, “I can’t cook”


That is absolute BS! The only skill required to cook at a basic level is being able to read. If you can read cook books and recipes online you are sorted and on your journey to becoming the next masterchef.


For example, I am currently in the last 4 weeks of my fight camp which means my diet needs to be squeaky clean. My meals need to be perfect or I could be in for a horrible weight cut.




This does not mean it has to be hard and a struggle. Or that my food has to be plain and rubbish looking.


Last Friday I had a Cauliflower pizza. What is this you ask? Simply using cauliflower as a base instead of bread, layering on top of that a healthy homemade sauce and ending with some Parma ham and a little mozzarella sprinkled on top. Delightful!


Now does that not sound a healthy and appetising dish?


Take last night for instance, where I had one of my favourites and a staple dish in the Malone household. Sweet potato cottage pie, made using lean turkey mince.


Would you not rather be eating these types of things?


My cooking skills are good compared to the standard male but it does help that my girlfriend is a genius in the kitchen and keeps me right.


That isn’t me being sexist by the way. Don’t think I am implying that all females should be in the kitchen.


I am actually imploring the males to get their oven gloves and sexy aprons on.




This could be the difference in you sustaining a healthy nutrition plan. So get in the kitchen and get learning.

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