A current major trend in the fitness and nutrition industry is that of should you be gluten free or should you cut it out of your diet.

First things first,

The name provides a big clue.

Gluten cialis price is the Latin word for glue.

Simply put it is a mixture of proteins that can mainly be found in grains such as wheat and barley. Gluten helps dough to keep its shape and gives it a chewy texture.

Should you be eating gluten?

My opinion goes back to everything in moderation.

Just like having an occasional beer or limiting how many cakes or chocolates you are eating, Gluten in small doses will not have a big negative impact on your health.

Unless you have a mild form of gluten intolerance or in more serious cases if you have celiacs disease. Which is where your body instead of absorbing the gluten, rejects it. Which causes your immune system to casino react to fight this.

Which can lead to a host of digestive issues and problems in your intestine.

Granted the number of people worldwide who are suffering from gluten intolerances is rising it is still a relatively low percentage of the population.
Unless you fall into this category it isn’t mandatory that you cut out gluten altogether.

One thing I will say is that food without gluten tends to digest a hell of a lot better.

If you eat a meal such as a lean source of meat with vegetables it will digest quickly without any problems. However, if you change that to pizza as you may have felt, this is way harder to digest and your body can still be struggling to process it 8 hours later.

Hence, why I am advocating the moderation of gluten.

The total elimination of gluten from your diet can lead to various deficiencies in things like iron, zinc calcium and some vitamins.

There have been some studies to come out and say that gluten is addictive which is why we crave items like bread so much but there is a lack of research to prove this point.

Generally speaking I feel most of the information out there pertaining to the subject points to that for a large percentage of the population eating gluten will have no adverse effects on health.

With a huge rise in companies selling gluten free products it is now a multi-billion dollar industry. So be aware you are not falling for marketing gimmicks by these huge companies.

Funnily enough some gluten free products actually have a small amount of gluten present but not enough to be harmful.

Well that is my tuppence worth on the subject.
At this stage I think we are at an early stage of studies and research into gluten so my opinion could change in the future.

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