I Need A Detox From Hearing About Detoxes‏


A special time is signalled every January in the fitness industry.


Businesses and fitness professional alike will glamourize going on a detox.

They will tell you tales of how it will kick start your metabolism and help you lose 100lbs in a day!

Okay, I may have exaggerated the weight loss statement.

Let us delve deeper into the murky world of detoxing.


In its most common form a detox will involve a 2-3 day period were you will take on foods only in a liquid form.

Using a blender or juicer you can combine certain foods such as; spinach, kale, celery, Apple, banana, pineapple, oats, flax seeds and many more. Blend that bitch together and drink it.

This is actually a pretty solid method to get lots of good nutrient dense calories in your body.

It can be especially beneficial as you may find it hard to consume these products in solid form due to appetite or even your taste buds but juicing it makes it easier for you to ingest.

Where I become a sceptical of this practise is promoting it as a whole diet or lifestyle.

It all circles back to my favourite topic…


Any nutrition program which contains full days of eating no solids is going to be very hard for you to maintain over a long period of time.

C’mon let’s be real, who is going to enjoy consuming food in only liquid form?

We all enjoy a big meal!

If it is not viable to sustain over time you are better exploring other options.

Many people I hear who support a detox love to discuss how it cleanses the body.

Which is true to a certain degree but you can get the same effect of cleaning your system by drinking litres upon litres of water while still consuming real food.


The proven results on this are negligible.


What is proven is the fact that eating 5 meals, with a high protein and good fats base at 2-4 hour intervals during the day gets your metabolism firing in the correct manner.

That way you also get to enjoy your food.

Sometimes you need to be aware of the glitzy marketing and advertising that is behind some of these fads.

Just for reference as well I own a Nutri Bullet, and love to make some form of smoothies but I won’t base a whole diet around it.

I am not a big eater in the morning but having a smoothie full of good healthy ingredients is a great way to get quick nutritious calories in my body.









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