Invest in Yourself and Invest in Your Education

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For most of us human nature dictates we do not want to spend any money on education.


Us Scots we don’t like spending money full stop.


This is a vague so statement, what do I mean?


Well here it is…


The process of going to a seminar, hiring a mentor or receiving any further training to broaden your knowledge on a subject matter relevant to you.


Being a notoriously stingy and tight nation like Scotland we are particularly adverse to such things.


The majority of people preferring to spend their well-earned cash on big nights out and prancing around in the latest Moncler or Vivienne Westwood.


Your money, your prerogative.


You may have seen on my Facebook page that I attended a very lengthy 3 day course at the weekend to continue to enhance my professional development.


This enables me to provide my clients and all of you with a much better and improved service.


I do things like this on a regular basis so I am always learning new things and getting out my comfort zone.


Do you think stuff like this comes free?


Of course not!


To learn from people who have a higher knowledge and experience means on most occasions you need to pay for this service.




If you go to the right person it is worth its weight in gold!


I like this saying “You don’t ask the price of the shovel when your digging for gold.”


Paying for this education is just a shovel in this instance. You need to take the initial hit if you want to achieve the goals you have set out.


I will say this is if you intend to put the information you learn to good use.


The same applies to your fitness and nutrition journey.


Yes, there is a tonne of free information out there for you.




Without the practical experience and first-hand knowledge of health and fitness can you really apply any of this?


Especially considering all of the conflicting information which is readily available.


Whereas if you invest in yourself and purchase help you are far more likely to get where you want to be.


If you go to a good personal trainer (I will write an e-mail on what this person should look like at the end of the week) they will help you in the best and most efficient manner.


Remember trainers like myself have literally had 50-100 clients pass through our system meaning we have a wealth of experience and track record at helping people achieve their goals.


If you are serious about your health don’t make a shoddy attempt at it.










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