Misconceptions Of What You Need To Train


One of the things I have come to learn is that people have a distorted view of what they need to exercise and how much time they need available.


I don’t know if it’s due to watching too many cut scenes from Rocky 4 of Ivan Drago training or footage of Premier League football clubs gyms which are at the cutting edge of sport science.


It is not necessary to have such luxury at your disposal to train.


Realistically all you need is YOU!


Similarly it is not a necessity to have 2-3 hours clear in your schedule to fit in a training session.


If you have severe time constraints a 10-15 minute session could prove to be just as worthwhile as a much longer one.


I hate to quote Tesco but every little really does help in regards to exercise.


Let’s investigate the gym situation first.


Through my online coaching program I have written training schedules for clients who have access to a gym, some who only have limited equipment at a home gym and even those who have no equipment at their disposal.


Do you know what this proved to me?


You can get a great workout regardless of the equipment you have.


Obviously it is easier for people like me to write a more diverse program and give you more variety if you have a gym membership…




There is such a large number of bodyweight and other exercises which require nothing but you out there.


So if you think having no gym membership or equipment at home renders you exempt from training, YOU ARE VERY WRONG CHICO!


As long as you are able bodied, there will always be some routine you can undertake but again it all comes down to if you want it bad enough. If so, there is always a way!




Again, my online coaching has given me a lot of experience and thoughts on this subject.


Having designed programs to suit someone who isn’t currently working and has all the time in the day to fit in 2 training sessions a day from programming for someone who is very senior in the banking industry and on some days only has 15 minutes to get a workout in.


I feel this qualifies me to comment on this matter.


Again don’t get me wrong, the longer you have to train makes it easier to fit more into a workout and make it more progressive




This doesn’t mean you can’t train.


I could design a circuit or set of exercises that could get you tired in 2 minutes that would benefit you.


So even if you only have 15 minutes or so to exercise you can still train in an appropriate fashion.


Time is used merely as an excuse!


We do not do excuses!


No matter how long you have, that is long enough to exercise and do something that is to the betterment of your wellbeing.


As I stated earlier these arguments for your lack of activity are only excuses and excuses are for losers.


We don’t do losing!


No matter what your circumstances are there is always something that can be done.


If you do not have the experience to come up with an exercise regime to counter a lack of equipment or time, then it is appropriate to hire the likes of me to sort you out.


If you have a lack of money as well I am sure you could trawl the internet and use that as a tool to come up with something.


Until tomorrow…

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