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Due to the feedback and interactions I have been having with numerous people lately, it is clear to me that motivation levels are through the roof at the minute.




Well it is January and is to be expected.




Here is some added incentive to live in a healthier fashion and generally just something to ponder.




We are in an age where more people are dying of lifestyle related illnesses than ever.




That number is growing every year!




This is not just a problem in the United Kingdom but lifestyle related diseases are one of the biggest killers worldwide, if not the biggest.




Obesity (yes that is an official illness.)


Type 2 diabetes


Heart disease




Forms of cancer


High blood pressure




Some nasty shit right there in that list.




Crazy to think that the way in which you are living can lead to such horrendous and crippling illnesses.




In life illness can strike without any reason or warning but the above can be prevented. Give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding these problems.




There are some medical issues you have absolute no control over but lifestyle related illness you can take ownership of.




It is your life and your body after all!




British and Scottish culture in particular is not conducive to living in the healthiest of ways.




As a country the promotion of exercise and good nutrition is severely lacking. Instead choosing to televise Geordies going out drinking all the time.




You my friends are not followers, we are going to blaze our own trail and live in the healthiest fashion we can.




What are some of the things to avoid?




Drinking to excess, especially binge drinking




Drug use


Processed foods


High saturated fat intake




Sedentary lifestyle (lack of exercise)




Specifically targeting these areas can make huge inroads in the prevention of this problem.




If you think about it, it’s not that difficult really?




For the most part try and consume produce and foods that are earth grown with no added preservatives or chemicals.




Make the effort to exercise or stay active a minimum of 3 times per week.




If you like alcoholic beverages limit how much you consume. The odd glass of red wine or pint of lager won’t kill you but sinking 6-10 glasses 3 times a week is going to do some serious harm.




Don’t smoke, that shit is nasty. If a product states it can kill on the label why do it?




An often forgotten aspect is to take time to look after you. I know that sounds very psychologist sitting you down on the couch esque. However, it is huge for your wellbeing. Make time to do things you enjoy that make you feel good.




Felt I had to get that off my chest due to the mainstream media’s lack of attention and coverage of this worrying trend.




I can be quite the political activist when I want to be. Potentially I could end up going full on Russell Brand.




If there is one takeaway to be garnered from this, your lifestyle can have direct consequences on your health.




You only get once chance with your health so be sure to treat your body with the respect it deserves.




In other news, I am also open to suggestions on topics people would like to hear me discuss. You can get your ideas to me by replying to this e-mail or hitting me up on some form of social media.




Also, I have some new vacancies for potential clients for the first time in a while. So if you like my ideas on health and fitness and need a charismatic personal trainer contact me to arrange a free consultation.




Peace out.





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