More Truth…..You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet‏


Many of you reading this may not know but I compete as a professional mixed martial artist.


Mixed martial arts? What in the hell is this?


Yup, I am a mad cage fighter.


Not the cross dressing type like Alex Reid though.


Contrary to media portrayal and the opinions of the uneducated it is not unskilled Neanderthals smashing each other to bits it is actually a highly technical sport. The athletes who compete in MMA are some of the hardest working sportsman you will ever see.


I go by the nickname of “The Hater” when it comes to the fight game.


This is due to my penchant for trash talk and love for winding up my opponents.


I actually disagree with the aptness of this nickname for yours truly. As it is less hate and more truth I speak.


“The Truth Speaker”


From here on in this is how I should be known.


In these e-mails I try and follow the same format by giving you my loyal subscribers the truth. Even if you don’t like it.


It’s actually better if you don’t like it.


Brace yourself, another truth bomb is coming.




This is a fact.


You can do all the hard training your body can handle. Be that if you are doing two training sessions a day or a 2-3 hour training session at night.




If you go home and have a pizza crunch washed down with 1 litre of coke it negates the benefits gained from the exercise.


Same goes if you are constantly snacking on chocolates and other such goodies during the day, no amount of training can rectify this.


Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Like Ant and Dec, peanut and butter ir the old firm and sectarianism.


Both must be on point to achieve optimum health and the physique you desire.


There is a saying I like and it rings very true.




Not the gym like many people believe.


No amount of consistent core work will be able to fight your saturated fat intake.


I get clients on occasion who are unhappy at why their hard work in the gym is not showing on the scales or in the mirror. These people usually train damm hard so I know it’s not the training.


When I ask them about their diet all becomes clear.


Rolls and sausage, tubs of ice cream, and sharing bars of dairy milk.


Safe to say, 6-8 weeks later with all the junk eliminated results start to show.


Exercise and nutrition are linked, DO NOT FORGET THIS!


I will be back tomorrow to deliver more truth to the masses.

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