More Weight On The Bar


So the other week in the gym I was minding my own business training a client in the weights room.

What I was about to witness left me shaking my big head at the nonsense that was unfolding.

Two younger guys were in the gym lifting weights. They are relatively new to the gym and are of normal builds.

Alarm bells start to go crazy for me when I see them load 130kg on the bar.

My mind is not eased when I see them setting up for a VERY low box squat. With not a warm up repetition in sight I thought about intervening.


I don’t really know these lads so maybe this weight is comfortable for them. So I leave them to it.

My initial instincts proved to be correct.

Afore mentioned young laddy manages the down part of the squat just fine. The up part he struggled with shall we say.

He ended up stuck on the box with 130kg on his shoulders. Due to them not using the rack with safety bars panic had set in and he didn’t know what to do.

Thankfully with the help of his friend they managed to return the bar to the ground safely with no injuries. Only thing damaged I think was his ego!

This brings me to the juicy part of this e-mail.

Today’s topic is not that of safety and making sure you have a competent knowledge of the equipment and lifts before you attempt them.

Although that would help massively!

It is instead focusing on many peoples penchant to try online slots and put as much weight on the bar as possible.

There should be no egos in regards to how much weight you are lifting.

This is one of the big issues.

Take it from me, I would say I am pretty strong but my lifting PB’s are nothing exceptional and I would never try and lift more than is my norm just cause other people are in the gym.

Remember you are trying to be your personal best, not anybody else’s.

Physiology speaking you need to allow your muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons and all connective tissue get accustomed to lifting a certain weight before you attempt it.

By this I mean you need to get plenty of sets and reps in at a certain weight to get more comfortable at that, get your body used to it before you try to increase the weight.

Attempting a heavier weight before you are ready increases the risk of injury a hundredfold.

Before even approaching your maximum lifts be sure to warm up by working your way through the weights, so it is not a shock to your body when your first rep has 130kg on the bar. Unless you are Marius Pudinowski and that is your actual warm up.

Consistency in your training will ensure you get these gains naturally and your PBs will increase through time.


Let your lifts come up naturally.

Or you can hire a trainer like me with plenty of knowledge and top banter to make sure you don’t need to worry about this stuff as I do the worrying for you.

If you would like to join my growing army of clients you can contact me for details by replying to this e-mail.
Have a nice day and try not to get stuck under any 130k squats please!

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