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As I have stated time and time again many subjects in the field of nutrition are very contentious.




One topic that most professionals agree on is that humans should aim to eat a source of protein with every meal.


Let me just refresh your memories very quickly.


Protein is required to help our body with pretty much every internal function you could think of.


Helping to maintain all cells, tissues, organs and muscles. Without protein our bodies simply could not function.


If you don’t get enough protein your body will suffer.


Now we are going to get technical so I can make myself appear knowledgeable and intelligent.


Our bodies simply cannot absorb protein as a whole.  Digestive enzymes break the protein down into different branch chain amino acids.


When broken down these amino acids are transported into the blood and sent all-round the body to maintain vital functions.


Now here is a key point to understand.


Some amino acids are naturally produced in the body BUT our body cannot synthesise some of these other aminos therefore meaning we need to supply them through our nutrition.




Your body cannot hold certain amino acids in its system. They will be utilised and passed straight out the body meaning again we will need to ingest more protein.


Taking that into consideration plus the fact how crucial protein can be for growth and development we should be eating protein EVERY 4-6 HOURS.


Every meal you eat should have a source of protein as part of it.


The morning in particular is a time where many people need to focus on consuming more protein.


After waking up from a 6-8 hour sleep most people’s last protein intake would have been dinner which could have been as long as 12-14 hours ago! Leaving your body crying out for protein.


Wake up and start your day in the right fashion by eating protein.


Then continue this through the day by constantly topping up your protein reserves to ensure your body runs at its optimum.


I could go slightly more scientific and in depth but it’s not necessary and I would have bored you with jargon.


If you have any more detailed questions you would like me to answer send me reply and I will do my best to set you straight.


I have a simple rule to help you follow this advice.



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