The Anti-Climax That Is Junk Food‏

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A revelation dawned on me during my last couple of diets in preparation for fights.

You may be shocked by this but I know you will understand what I am throwing out.

Some of you closet fatties may throw it straight back at me and tell me I am talking nonsense.

When I shred down in the last week not allowed any carbohydrates and basically live on egg whites, I start thinking some mad thoughts.

Some weird ass cravings are had.

I am not a big chip shop guy and very rarely in my life have ever had a chippy but in the last week of my weight cut I would have chopped a limb off for a sausage supper.

Walking through Tesco one day last week I also clocked an Indian selection of buffet food. Things such as onion bhajis and pakora. This left me salivating at the thought of getting to eat this.


So where am I going with all this?

Don’t worry its coming…

Parity is restored in the universe as I make my specified weight then get to beat up another man the next day.

This means I get to eat what I want! PARTY TIME!!!

Or so you would think….

What I have realised is that junk food is the biggest anti-climax in the world.


In a former life I would have like a £80 back of goodies for after my fights containing all sorts of goodies none of which are heathy.

This was diabetes in a bag.

Then I became aware that the food never tasted as good as it did in my vivid imagination.

Some of you will know this feeling.

It gets to your cheat day/meal and you want to hit it hard. You devour that burger and chips plus a chocolaty desert.

Feels amazing and delicious at the time….

Followed by leaving you feeling horrible and in a sugar coma just minutes later.

I want you to remember the reality will never live up to the imagination when it comes to food.

Think of that bloated feeling you get when you are full to the brim after a big meal and remember it before you are about to cheat on your diet.

Trust me it will be anti-climax and you will regret it after you do it.

If it takes you further away from achieving your goals it is never the right option!

Especially when it makes you feel worse.







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