The Dreaded Endomorph And How To Deal With It‏


I hope you all had a refreshing weekend and are ready to smash this week in all aspects of life!


Today we move forward to the second part of the body type series.


It is the turn of the endomorphs.


Don’t let confusion set in here as it was ectomorphs we spoke of in the last e-mail but now it is ENDOmorphs.


It sometimes catches me out as well.




This is pretty much the exact opposite of an ecto, as they tend to be squatter in appearance usually carrying more body fat on their smaller frames.


Sounds a bit rubbish eh?


Doesn’t get much easier reading for you endomorphs, you might want to stop browsing now.


Tune back in near the end though where I share some words of wisdom on how to deal with it.


I am joking by the way, read the whole damm thing.


A lack of muscle definition can also be seen in endomorphs due to their body’s ability to store fat. This fat tends to build up around the stomach area especially.


They can also find more difficulty in losing weight and have tried and failed using various different weight loss programmes.


Being prone to having an insatiable appetite as well does not help any of the above.


Commonly endo’s eat fewer times during the day but using much more substantial portions. This is even more detrimental given there already slower metabolism.


Despite some of these damming traits it is possible to spite them using good nutrition and training methods to suit your body type.


Your carbohydrate intake should be restricted to about 30% and keep the focus on having sensible portion sizes.


Space out more meals through the day. Instead of 2-3 big meals, incorporate 5-6 smaller meals. This will help to speed up your metabolism.


Cut out the processed food!


If you are feeling you can’t kick that hunger pang fill yourself with lots of vegetables, especially dark leafy ones. Drink plenty of water, not only will it keep you hydrated it will also leave you feeling full.


The style of your training can also help fight some of the disadvantages of the endomorph body type.


Increase your cardiovascular training time as this is a big burner of calories.


When lifting weights aim to hit over the ten repetitions range.


Use plenty of full body movements as again this will aid you to burn more calories during your workout.


So the initial facts may have seemed a bit daunting and not good for you.




We have identified some areas of concentration for you to work on which can help to provide you with the body you want.


If you are looking for further advice, contact me and I will try my best to point you in the right direction.


The 3rrd and final part hits your inboxes tomorrow.




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