The Grand Finale: Mesomorphs‏


It has been an emotional couple of e-mails but we have reached the grand finale of our body type series.

I am just happy I don’t need to constantly be wary of making an endo/ecto typo. That shit gets confusing.

Today it is the turn of the mesomorphs.


A mesomorph is pretty much in the middle of an ectomorph and an endomorph. It is pretty neutral; I liken it to Switzerland of the body types.

Meso’s are a mix of attributes derived from both other body types.

A more symmetrical build can be found in this type, with broad shoulders and a smaller waist.

They tend to carry lower body fat but also are able to build lean muscle mass easier than the other body types.  This can also be attributed in part to their fast metabolism.

There are worse problems to have eh?

The mesomorph figure is pretty much what everyone is aspiring to look like!

Despite being less prone to dietary lapses it is still key to identify how to eat as a meso.

I would advise to sticking to my normal recommendations for nutrition with not a lot of drastic upheaval. Eating 30-40% protein 30-40% good fats and 20-30% carbohydrates.

Maintain the protocol of having 5-6 smaller meals evenly spread throughout the day.  No changes necessary to this.

You will be carrying more muscle mass in your body so ensure your calorific intake is enough to saturate and maintain muscle mass.

Training wise you mesomorphs have it a tad easier as again you don’t need to switch your training up by much.

You can lift heavier in the weights room, I would advise 6-8 repetitions but you do have room for manoeuvre to change this.

Due to mesomorphs ability to burn fat at a quick rate, cardiovascular training isn’t as essential. Still aims to fit it into your training schedule but you only need a limited amount of it.

So that’s a wrap!

If you fit the mesomorph bill consider yourself lucky but still make sure you work to maintain the gifts you have been given.

On a quick note before I finish.

In some cases you can be a combination of body types. Try to identify what traits you have out of the 3 and use the advice provided in all parts to best formulate a plan to suit your body.

Tomorrow we will move onto greener pastures, and yes the grass is always greener when it comes to my e-mails!

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