The Waterboy Was Right


t’s not often we can learn health lessons from an Adam Sandler film.

However, The Waterboy highlights a serious point. The importance of H2O, also known as water.

I find myself flabbergasted on a near daily basis by the amount of people who have such poor hydration levels and strategies.

Coffee is not acceptable as a sole form of fluid intake. In fact as coffee is a diuretic I count it as negative hydration levels.

Often I hear how it is “sooooo hard” to drink water.

Hard? It is flavourless and to make it even easier all you require is to keep a bottle of water on your person throughout the day and just gradually drink this throughout the day.

If you really don’t like water add some diluting juice to it and you can jazz up the flavour. You also have the option to supplement your water intake with various green and herbal teas. Again, this will give you some variety.


I could really fill every e-mail this week with the benefits of drinking enough water but I shall give a brief synopsis.

Remember your body’s are made up of 70% water. This is a huge percentage. Your brain is protected by water as are your joints lubricated by water. Not to mention your bowel movement is heavily effected by water so as you can see it is crucial for the body to function.

Water helps remove toxins and waste products from our body’s. Just like we use water to shower as a method to clean ourselves drinking water cleans our insides in much the same way.

Especially if you partake in regular exercise you will be losing fluid through sweat so you need to replace this by drinking more water online casino to help restore the balance. Hence why I highly recommend to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after training.

Staying hydrated also boosts your cognitive (brain) function helping you maintain focus and productivity. It also helps transport oxygen to the muscle groups so we are prepared to exercise.

We often mistake dehydration for hunger. Next time you get pangs of hunger try taking a big drink of water and you might find the hunger will pass and in fact you were simply dehydrated. This could result in weight loss which is what many of you are looking for.

Remember if you are dehydrated it’s too late. You need to make sure you’re adequately hydrated at all times. DON’T GET TO THE DEHYDRATION STAGE!

I start everyday by drinking a pint of water. When you wake up you will be dehydrated so it is important to take in fluid straight away to kick start your bodily function and balance your hydration levels. Start the day as you mean to go on.

The new accessory I want you all to invest in is something simple and very cheap.


Make sure to fill it regularly and take it to work and training with you.

This is easy and gimme and can help you reach your goals. Don’t take it for granted.

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