“Too Skinny”, “Too Muscly”, “Train Too Much”, Dealing With These Losers!‏

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Many of you may be able to relate to the headline of today’s e-mail.


It is a topic that pisses me off in such a large way.


The fact somebody would say “You’re too skinny”, “You’ve lost too much weight” and “He/she is too muscly” is plain ridiculous to me.


I will add a slight caveat to this. Obviously it is possible for people with eating disorders or celebrities/models trying to look better for their careers to take dieting and training too far and become so lean it is unhealthy.




On a large scale the persons these comments are aimed towards are not being unhealthy.


Do you want to know why these people say these things?


They are lazy and unwilling to make any changes to their life.


Jealousy, plain and simple they are envious of your results.


They could not even comprehend having the work ethic to achieve such great results.


They are too busy sniping at others and concentrating on other people’s lives rather than making the best of their own.


Not nice traits to have.


Alas, this is a large majority of the British public these days. As I have stated before if anybody attempts to stick there ahead above the parapet and achieve success there is always a need by people to shoot them down.




Listen to the voice of experience on this subject. For many years my friends have given me abuse for being a “fitness freak” and missing events and parties due to my training.


Don’t bow to the peer pressure and ignore any labels put on you.


When you hear comments like we spoke of earlier in the e-mail, see this as a sign of progress and that you’re heading in the right direction.


The jealousy displayed is merely a sign of your progress.


So next time some decides to tell you “You’re too skinny” and “You train too much you’re not fun anymore” I want you to reply by saying this;




A brief aside on this matter.


The media help to perpetuate some of these feelings by calling a very healthy human “too thin” just because they are in the public eye and need something to write about.


I don’t read newspapers because they are full of lies and avoid real world issues but when it comes to their reporting on fitness, health and nutrition I would take anything they say with ten trucks worth of salt.


You are much better paying attention to eminent bloggers in the fitness industry who will talk a lot more sense.


Well that was a bit of a ramble. I hope it all made sense in your head.

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