Ukraine Edition – Stadnik VS Murtazaliev


Seeing as I am in Ukraine, I thought it would be appropriate to give a Ukrainian flavour to our Match of the Week section.

And so it had to feature one of my favourite – and generally considered one of the best and most exciting – wrestlers of the last decade, Andriy Stadnik (a Ukranian wrestler).

This match is one of my favourites! It is a battle of multiple time world and Olympic medalists, putting Stadnik against another great of the last decade, Makach Murtazliev.

To set the scene, Stadnik has been a main stay at the 66kg class.  He regularly places in the top 3 at most major tournaments, including the silver medal he won at the Beijing Olympics.  For Murtazaliev, this was his last tournament at 66kg, as he was previously a bronze medallist at Athens in the weight and then eventually moved up and won a world title at 74kg.

Sit back and enjoy… This match is truly awesome!

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