Ukraine Musings: Volume 2 – Weigh in and Competition


… So the weigh in was disastrous!

Although the competition was short notice, I’ve been walking around at about 76-78kg all year, if not lighter.  Seeing as I was 77.6kg when I left and only had to be 76kg on the day, it should have been easy…


We had to endure a day and a half of travelling and another searching for an apartment, meaning that I had no time to get my weight down through training.  To try to counter this, I ate very little and just kept to drinking water.

Having no scales to check our weight prior to the day, the first chance I got to look was exactly 1 hour before the weigh in (as I said, disaster).  At this point, I discovered I was 78.1kg.  With medicals happening at that time, I couldn”t even sauna it off.  Seeing as the competition was just last minute and mainly for the experience, I made a decision just to compete in the 86kg division.

I was not alone, Ross Spillet ble en umiddelbar hit og er i dag kanskje den mest popul?re blant norske pa nett, og definitivt den mest spilte norgesautomaten! I og med at den er en NetEnt-produkt vil du kunne spille den i de aller fleste nettcasinoer og i alle casinoene du finner her pa vare sider. and Alex also had to move to a higher weight class too.  We’re blaming it on water retention from the flight – the only explanation we can think of.  It was a total shock for us all but we made do.

86kg Division

Going in with big lads who were going to outweigh me by 8 to 10kg was definitely going to be a tough ask, especially considering it’s a world class field.

And yes, my penchant for picking terrible draw numbers continued!  Once again I picked the highest number (bad times) meaning I had to compete in the qualifying rounds to get into the field.  I drew Ahkmed Aibuev who is from Chechnya but represents France.  I have seen him compete before and knew he was a very good wrestler and one that I respect due to his mad skills.

Unfortunately I lost to Aibuev in a hard fought battle.  Despite the weight problem I was not totally over powered but I could feel a difference as I had to work very hard to get strong grips.  Lessons were learned in this match but there were also some positives to take from it.  And so, it’s straight back on the mat tomorrow.

Got two and a half weeks left to train over here… and I cannot fail to get better with the quality of training partners that are going to be on the mat.

I can’t wait to get on there with world class guys and work on my areas of improvement. This is an important phase of training as it’s leading me right through to the first Commonwealth Games qualifier.

As always, I’ll keep you all updated of the beatings I will be taking in training and also the ones I will be handing out as well (hopefully).

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