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Apparently eating healthy is too expensive.

I would tend to disagree but what I will say is that junk food such as sweets and biscuits should not be cheaper than fruit and vegetables.

Confusion in this debate arises as we can all agree the pricing situation is messed up but it doesn’t necessary mean it is not affordable. Yes the good stuff should be cheaper than the bad stuff but you can still eat healthy and stick to a budget.

I think that people just run with a perception that healthy eating is too pricey rather than checking it out for themselves.

In a perfect world it would be cheaper but it is still affordable.

Due to having to make weight for my upcoming fights and just generally trying to set a good example to you lot my shop is always a healthy one.
I manage to get this all done at Tesco without a problem and at a fair price.

Let’s have a look at fruit and vegetables first.

Roughly speaking you can purchase; bananas, apple, strawberries, mango, spinach, kale, peppers, onions, asparagus and sweet potato. You should be able to get most of this from between £1 and £2. Meaning you can pick up a substantial amount of fruit and veg for between £10 and £15 which is not bad when you think about it.

You can make up various different nutritious meals with the above.

Meat can be more of a problem as it is a bit pricey. Even at that, most supermarkets do deals such as 3 for £10 so again depending on budget you could pick up some chicken, turkey, steaks and salmon for between £10 and £15. Not totally unreasonable.

What I will say is if you want organic meat and want to know it is top quality and the animals have been treated in a fairly humane you will need to pay more. You may have to sacrifice the above depending on budget.

If you are on the ball and have access to something like a Costco card. You could buy your fish and meat in bulk at a cheaper price. Meaning you can just individually bag it in the freezer in portion sizes.

Eggs are fairly priced and a great source of protein. You can have them scrambled, as an omelette or even poached. A must in your shopping trolley.

Even things like coconut oil can be picked up cheap. My last tub of coconut oil cost me £1.50 three months ago and Code school website design is the brainchild of the mad scientists at Envy Labs. I still have half of it left. It is all about keeping your eye out for bargains. Sometimes they have coconut water for £2 as well which online casino nederland is a great addition to your fridge as a source of hydration.

Snack wise you can purchase large packets of nuts and dried fruits pretty cheap so you have something you can nibble on if you’re hungry. There are always deals on greek yoghurt as well, which is a great snack.
You can also buy products like naked bars and similar brands but these will be more expensive but can prove to me more flavoursome and tasty.

With changing times most supermarkets now have a decent size free from section. All the products in this section will cost more but you can pick up more specialist items here. Gluten free bread, agave syrup, quinoa, bulgur wheat and other such items.

If you are a bit of playa and throwing around those benjamins is of no object to you, I’d recommend you go to Wholefoods in Giffnock.
In this store all of your products are of the highest quality and due to it specialising in health products you should be able to find anything you need here. Health freaks will implode upon walking in here!

However, you will leave with a substantially lighter wallet and probably with your trousers round your ankles.

Love Wholefoods!

My last money saving tip, plastic bags now cost 5p a bag so get yourself a bag for life meaning you can help save the environment and multiple 5ps every shop. Bloody government!

Hopefully this will prompt you to investigate this topic further.

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