What Should You Really Be Eating?


Today I shall discuss…

“The Macros”, more formally known as the macro nutrients… I like to refer to them as the big 3!

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Let’s take a look at the recommended percentage of these 3 that you should be consuming per day.

Now I wasn’t the best at maths in school, and when it comes to macros, you could speak to 5 different people and get 5 sets of different numbers.

HOWEVER, judging by my own results, coupled with great results over a large number of clients… The proof is in the pudding!

30-40% – PROTEIN
30-40% – FATS
20% – CARBS

Let me guess which one has jumped out the page and shocked you slightly…


By this, I don’t mean go out and stock up on McDonalds. We still want to stay away from saturated fats. However, our intake of unsaturated fats should rise sharply.

WHY? They are rich in omega 3s and can help to lower the blood pressure and fight inflammation.

More importantly they provide the body with a great source of energy. This shall replace the lowered intake of carbs.

Good fats you can eat are dark leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, avocado, fish and different cooking oils such as hemp and coconut.


There is a lot of confusion surrounding carbs. In my opinion, we don’t need as large amount of carbs as some people suggest – especially if we can boost energy levels by increasing fats (which is more conducive to weight loss than trying to get this energy through carbs)!

Stay away from white refined carbs such as white bread pasta or sweets; sugary carbs can cause an unhealthy spike in blood sugars and insulin.

The carbs we should be ingesting are things like sweet potato, vegetables, quinoa, beans, whole grain breads and vegetables.

These are full of fibre and absorbed by the body slowly to avoid triggering spikes in blood sugar or insulin.


Protein is essential for the body as it is the building block for every living thing in your body. Protein is vital for your body’s growth and maintenance, crucial for repairing cuts, bruises and injuries and it also promotes healthy metabolic and physiological processes in the body.

Contrary to what some people think, eating lots of protein will not turn you into a big body builder but it will make you a healthier human being.

We need to consume plenty of protein because protein is broken down in the body into amino acids… These amino acids leave the body roughly 7-8 hours after being consumed, and so it is important that you have protein with every meal so as to keep your body functioning at its optimum state.

Examples of proteins are eggs, lean meats, fish or Greek yoghurt.

So I have safely sailed and navigated through some murky waters discussing this topic but I feel the way I breakdown the macros is optimum
for weight loss.


I hope you enjoy and take heed.

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