What You Can Control…….Controllables and Uncontrollables‏

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The premise of what I will discuss today is such a simple concept but very effective.

When dealing with certain situations on the road to a better wellbeing you will come across two types of variable.


What is this you ask?

Simply put, what is in your power to influence and what you have no control or impact over whatsoever.

The quicker you identify which bracket some aspects of your life fall into the better.

I am a massive control freak so it took me a while to grasp this idea but once I did it changed my outlook on many things and made my life a great deal easier.

There is absolutely no point trying to control the uncontrollables.  It is a massive waste of your energy and time. You would be better hitting your head off a brick wall.

Instead focus on what is within your control and you can influence directly.

For example,

If you sustain an injury leaving you unable to train for a period of time, this is out of your hands.

Your work contracting you to longer hours leaving you less time to prepare your meals and make the gym, again there is nothing you can do about this.

The current level of income you receive leaves you unable to afford the right food or become a member of a gym, unfortunately you cannot control this.

Your attention should move on from instances like this and others as you cannot impact them.

Concentrate on some of these, as you are the boss of what is going on in reference to what I am about to write.

What foods and drinks you put in your body is solely your responsibility.  Nobody forces you to eat cakes and sweets.  Well, unless you are into some weird fetishes that is.

Your diet is down to you!

You are the gaffer when it comes to allocating time to exercise. Doesn’t matter if you can only commit to a 15 minute session or a 3 hour session. You control your schedule.

No equipment or gym memberships are required; there is a host of bodyweight and exercises you only need yourself and the environment for.

Your knowledge on health and fitness is entirely on you as well. There is a host of good, free material available out there on the internet that is easy to digest and applicable to your life.

It is down to how bad YOU want it.

Spend your time controlling the controllables and your life will be easier and more likely to yield the results you yearn for.

This can crossover to all aspects of your life and make you a happier person.

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