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A key element in helping your body reach its optimum fitness and strength levels involves being on the correct training program.

Not just any old program.

The one suited specifically for YOU.

Many programs that gyms hand out for free are bog standard, intended to suit most of the general public.

Don’t get me wrong it’s cool because it’s free but will it help YOU get the best results possible.

Even some lazy personal trainers design one program when they begin their careers which are used for every single client no matter what their circumstances are.

Every single human being on this planet is unique and has different needs.

A plethora of varying strengths and weaknesses depending on the person.

You deserve a program which is individualised to suit your life, your body and your goals.

Even using myself as an example,

I am the epitome of the upside down triangle body shape. Big upper body frame, but tiny pins that some girls would kill for.

You should see them in skinny jeans!

So generally I need more leg and lower back work which are my main areas which need strengthening.

A couple of clients of mine are super busy with work and families, leaving them only 15-30 minutes of training time a day.

Meaning they don’t have time to complete an industry standard workout they need a very specific set of exercises and rep ranges to give them the best workout to suit their time constraints.

Certain muscle imbalances and injuries will also ensure that a tailored program is the only way to have your body functioning the best it can be.

When I take on new clients I get them to fill out an extensive questionnaire covering all aspects of their lives.

They probably hate me at the time as they need to complete a fair bit of writing/typing but it guarantees I can design a program which is specifically for them.

Taking that a stage further upon embarking on my first gym session with new clients I carry out a full body physical analysis.

Big words and slightly creepy sounding I know!

All this means is I watch the person as they do various exercises and movements to determine if we have an area we need to work on.

Hiring a personal trainer to train you or design you a program may cost you some extra cash but it will benefit you in the long term.

If you are serious about achieving the best results it will definitely help rather than training yourself or following a random program from the internet,

If you wanted a nice haircut you don’t get a pair of scissor and do it yourself.

You hire a professional to do the best job that they are trained and have experience of.

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