Whether You Own a Rolex or a Casio There Will Only be 24 hours in a Day!‏


Some things will never change throughout our lifetimes.


Kanye West will always be a massive tool, we will always pay tax and there is only ever going to be 24 hours in a day.


This is set in stone.


You are solely responsible and in control of how you spend your time.


Obviously some factors shall add time constraints to your day.


This could be; working hours, childcare, travel time, food preparation and I am sure you could think of many more.




That does not make it a legitimate excuse to say you don’t have any time to train and I am going to tell you why!


If I had £1 for every time I have heard that reason as to why people can’t exercise I’d currently be writing this e-mail on a beach in Barbados sipping a pina colada next to Richard Branson.


I am more than happy to accept that many people have very busy schedules and have massive constraints on their time.




You are always going to have some free time if you focus energy into…




Without planning your schedule you are far less likely to make time available to train.


Whereas if you structure a routine at the beginning of the week or night before you place yourself in charge of any free time you have.


Instead of messing around on scudbook for 30 minutes here or there instead you will exercise which is a far more productive and healthier pursuit.


Who really wants to watch things like EastEnders anyway?  C’mon Bobby killing Lucy Beale? Need I say more?


It can be as simple as getting up 1 hour earlier in the morning to free up some time to exercise before work.


Heading straight to the gym from work meaning you won’t end up getting glued to your couch.


It’s like anything in life, the more you plan the more success that will follow.


You know better than anyone what activities you encounter on a weekly and daily basis. Therefore if you put some thought in you will know how to best attack the week from a time management stand point.


You know if the dog needs walked.


You know if you need to do some cleaning.


It is not a surprise, so instead of making excuses take control of your schedule.



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