Why Listening To People Is Sometimes Against Your Best Interests‏


So fight week is over which means I can make a glorious return.


Especially seeing as I won my fight in dominant fashion.




The reason I didn’t e-mail during fight week is a simple one, the diet becomes that intense during fight week my brain is just fried.


I think that is the technical term for it.


Nobody wants to listen to a malnourished Kieran rambling on.


I bet you sometimes barely want to listen to a fully nourished Kieran.


Thankfully this is only for 4 days as it is very unsustainable and you all know how I feel about that.


Today I want to discuss some skills relating to your mind-set.


I am going to make it relatable by discussing some psychology aspects of the build up to my fight.


My opponent from the weekend and I had a bit of beef going into the match.


Trash talk galore in the weeks leading to the fight.


He was telling me how rubbish I was and that he was going to retire me.


His coach was running his mouth telling me all the bad things that were going to happen to yours truly.


You guessed it, his team mates were also getting in on the act adding to the list of people doubting me.


Even his friends where hounding me on all forms of social media informing me I would be getting a kicking.


They were all taking shite by the way but that’s not the point, well it is kind of.




Guess what?


None of that stuff mattered one iota.


I knew deep down how hard I had been working and the confidence I had in my own abilities.




YOU control what you think and feel, nobody else should have an impact on this.


Many of you may have experienced naysayers out there putting you down saying you will fail to achieve your nutrition and fitness goals.


Their opinion is out of your control so therefore you should forget about it.




If I would have listened to people in the build up to my fight I could have started to think there would be no point in me showing up.


Instead I listened to the most important person which is myself and went out there and put on a dominant performance.


If you can block out negativity from others and believe strongly in your own convictions you will be very powerful in your pursuit of anything.



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