Why Will Your 2016 Be Different From 2015?



“Make a mistake once and it becomes a lesson. Make the same mistake again and it becomes a decision.”

I can’t emphasise enough how much I love that quote.

So let’s look today at how we can make sure your 2016 is different from this current year.

Which leads us to address some serious matters.

Due to the various social media platforms you all like myself have been inundated with this patter,

“New year, new me.”

“2016 is going to be my year.”

“Can’t wait to get 2015 out the way, next year will be better.”

Annoying end of year shitey patter.

Don’t worry I’m sick of seeing all this chat too.

Well that feeling of sickness may  be down to all the food I have eaten but that’s a story for another day.

So I appreciate we all want to make positive changes to improve our future but before we do so we must have a glimpse at the past.


And for that matter, the year before that and the year before that?.

When we can identify the reasons behind this only then can you form the best plan for the upcoming year.

Anytime I take on a new client they fill out a very small questionnaire. With one of the main questions being,

“What are 3 of the main barriers which have stopped you in the past or are preventing you now from achieving your fitness goals?”

As for me as soon as we can eradicate the above we are well on our way.

So the task I have for you all is very simple.

Before you jump head first into double sessions at the gym and trying to eat 1000 calories a day, I would like you to write down what has stopped you from achieving your goals in previous years.

Now I’d like you to meet these issues head on and devise a plan to deal with them so they are not a problem this year.

Nobody wants to be that person who is all go the first week of January but by the 31st of the month you are knee deep in chocolate wrappers and haven’t  seen the inside of a gym in 3 weeks.


By reading content this like which is more than most do, you are on your way.  Now go out there and start applying what you are reading.

I have more content like this to follow in the coming days which I think will be invaluable to you over the January period.

Time for me to sign off as I’m away to the gym.

The festive season means no time off for me, my clients and I train all year round.

This will be YOU next year!

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